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Beauty Starts From The Inside Out- Neocell Review

Image~NeoCell Beauty Builder, $20 at GNC~

I had seen a couple bloggers blog about NeoCell. NeoCell makes collagen supplements. Collagen supplements help with everything from loss of elasticity in the skin (fine lines, wrinkles), to thinning hair to nail growth. Basically as we age, our body doesn’t make enough collagen. So take some supplements from NeoCell and you should be all set. Right? That’s what I wanted to know.

I am going to be thirty this year… Yah. Actually, I’m going to be the big 3-0 next month. BOO. I’m also a smoker. Another BOo. I also used to worship the sun and tanning beds like they were going out of style and grew up on a lake in the sun daily. I have had a wrinkle on my forehead since my early twenties. It started as a fine line, obviously, and now is a full fledged wrinkle. And it brought it’s friends. Not only do I have fine lines but I have thinning hair. Oh the joys. My nails actually weren’t a problem until I accidentally used acetone nail polish remover but they are getting better slowly. Another joy of getting older is the pain in my knees and ankles and pretty much everywhere from my hips down.  So I wanted to try NeoCell as a last resort before I start saving for Botox and knee replacement (just kidding about the second one, for now).
I have been taking the pills for four days. I am not sure if it’s a ‘placebo effect’ but after the 2nd day of taking it the pain in my legs was half as bad and almost gone at some points. Am I crazy or is this for real?  It didn’t say anything about bones and pain on the Beauty Builder box. I had a momentary brain lapse and I looked it up- collagen and cartilage. Not only are collagen pills used for fine lines and wrinkles but now they think that they can actually help with arthritis!


photo(16)The pills weren’t too big but big enough to take one at a time.

   NeoCell sent me the Collagen Beauty Builder and Hydra and H.A. Serum for review. If you check their site they sell sports recovery supplements, collagen plus C supplements, as well as Hyaluronic Acid supplements and more.  All of them contain a good amount of collagen to help with a good amount of issues. If you’re interested in their story or product line up:

  I can’t say that the beauty builder is working on my wrinkles, yet, but it definitely did something to my pain.  The only ‘bad’ thing that I’ve noticed about the Beauty Builder is that it’s 3 pills twice a day and they’re fairly large. I actually don’t mind taking pills but for those of you who do, it may be a problem. But they have chews for you guys! I heard they taste ok but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try those when I run out of the pills. Out of the 4 days I’ve been taking the pills, two of the days I forgot to take them the 2nd time. Other than them being a little large and remembering to take them, I have had no issues.


NeoCell Advance Hydra and H.A. Serum, $25-33 online

Like I had said, they also sent me a serum. I just learned about H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid) the other day. It’s key for moisture and cell turnover. Also, as we age our body seems to not have as much (like collagen). The first night I used it, right away, I felt such a difference! I’ve been using a new Konjac sponge and I am in love with that *that’s another post, but now I was ‘wowed’. It felt so soft. It was a lightweight feeling serum, not sticky and not greasy. It also absorbed fairly fast and after it left my skin baby soft. It also seemed to work pretty well on the wrinkles right away. Now was it going to make me break out was the issue. I have also used this for 4 nights now. I have not broken out! I’m amazed. My wrinkles aren’t gone but they do look a good amount better.


photo(19)Here is what the serum looks like….

photo(20)The NeoCell Serum absorbs very quickly and makes skin baby smooth. I don’t know if you can see the difference… I can see it on my forehead not sure about my hand.

I will do a follow up post in about thirty days. The Beauty Builder comes with 150 tablets at three pills, three times a day, that’s a little under a month. It’s like 25 days. I’ll check back in then and let you know how things are going. But my first impression is- A+ I’m amazed! And I really mean it, not just because it’s a sponsored review.

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7 responses to “Beauty Starts From The Inside Out- Neocell Review

  1. I had jaw surgery in high school and since my mouth was wired shut for over a week, I dropped about 20 pounds in a little over a week (us big girls drop the weight FAST in the beginning). And ever since then, I’ve had thinning hair. Which SUCKS because I used to have SUPER thick / luxurious hair :( I also have nail issues; splitting nails, etc. I’m turning 26 at the end of this month and would love to try these pills out! I’ll have to check out their website. You mentioned that you “accidentally” use Acetone as a nail polish remover before, is that stuff bad? I use that currently. Is there a better product to use that’s more gentle on your nails, yet as effective? Sorry for the long comment, you just always seem to have great suggestions! Great review and I’m looking forward to the 30 day update as well as a future post discussing what the heck a Konjac sponge is lol.

    • I always have used Non-Acetone nail polish remover. Acetone polish remover actually is quite bad for your nails. I bought it by accident a few months ago and after one use I wondered why my nails were peeling and breaking off. I looked at the bottle and was so mad…. It has take up til just recently for my nails go get over just a few uses of it. Don’t use it! If you look up acetone polish remover you will see why. The only good uses for acetone polish remover is for getting fake nails off because it eats the nails.

      • THANK YOU for the recommendation! I’m so mad at the Sally Beauty supply lady. I actually asked her which nail polish remover to use (b/c I had no idea what acetone vs. non-acetone meant) and she recommended the BIG bottle of acetone remover… booo! No wonder my nails look like crap! Thanks for the suggestion hun!

  2. Jennifer

    Wow! Thanks for the review! I am 33, as you know. I grew up in California…and I spent most of the first 23 years of my life in the sun! My wrinkles aren’t too bad, considering what I did to my skin…age appropriate I would say. I might look great if I had taken care of my skin as a kid. My biggest gripe is jawline softening. Already. Nobody ever thought to put sunscreen on me unless we were at the beach. I am starting to get more sunspots, though. My nails have been terrible the last couple of years. I don’t know why. They peel no matter what I do. Does the bottle have a kidney disease warning?

    • I’ll reply more in a little while but the only warning on the bottle says “allergy warning: may contain grace amounts of sulfites”. I actually don’t have the best kidneys or liver and I’ve had pancreatitis so I have a watch out for that stuff. It only contains collagen, biotin, silica, lipoid acid and H.A. Supposedly it’s all natural :)

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  4. Rella Nurkasih ⋅

    Really good review… ^^
    I really wanted to try NeoCell Advance Hydra and H.A. Serum..

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