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My Experience with Dessange Paris Hair Products- an Influenster Voxbox

I suck at coming up with titles for posts! Lol! Whatever….

For years I have used John Freida blonde products and they were ok. But me and shampoos and conditioners always “breakup” after a couple weeks….

I was sent the #dessangevoxbox from #influenster and it came with shampoo, conditioner, and CC cream…..

My Dessange VoxBox Contents

My Dessange VoxBox Contents

Nice Blonde Color! Cant't Complain!

Nice Blonde Color! Cant’t Complain!

I’m sure at this point in time everyone knows what influenster is. Maybe? If not, ask me, basically they give you products to test and post about.
My most recent ‪#‎influenster‬ ‪#‎voxbox‬ is from a brand I had never heard of called ‪#‎Dessange‬ I was sent the ‪#‎blonde‬ box that contained color safe and color enhancing shampoo, conditioner, and a CC (color correcting) cream which is purple (according to them it is blue) to take any brassy-ness out.
I hadn’t had my hair dyed in months but I tried the shampoo and conditioner and it actually brightened my natural hair. And it’s a very creamy shampoo which didn’t make my hair feel horribly dry. The conditioner is thin but works well.
I got my hair colored on Sunday April 12th (My bday ….hint….hint…. Hahaha) I have been using the shampoo and the conditioner since then, and it’s working well. A few days ago, I used the CC cream to see if it would lighten or brighten my hair,,,it seemed to do a pretty good job. I didn’t have much brassy-ness anyway but I’ll let you be the judge from my pics. (It says blue pigments for correction of unwanted brassy color) it looked purple to me not blue….whatever, it seemed to work.


The CC Cream is on....

The CC Cream is on….

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Blondes Do Have More Fun

The only thing I don’t like about the products is the scent is very strong and I don’t particularly like it, but my boyfriend says it smells fine so I’m good. Second, it seems to make my hair a little greasy after day 1.5-2 (yes I go 2-3 days sometimes with no washing,,,it’s good for your hair).
Target carries this brand. It seems to be like a John Freida type brand for blondes. And from what I saw on YouTube they have brown and red too…..
I give the Dessange shampoo and conditioner (2 separate products) a B+. I give the Dessange CC brass color correcting cream an A.

Did you get a voxbox lately? What was it?

$300 Target Giveaway- Instagram Giveaway- Easy as Pie! Ends 5/5

Hey everyone!

I am currently a part of a $300 Target giveaway that you can enter by following me on Instagram, liking a new picture daily and commenting daily…..


My handle is @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs

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So you have a huge chance at winning this prize if you follow all/most bloggers participating and do all/most of the entries daily!

Get started on your entries because this started yesterday, April 14th at Noon and ends 5/5. 

I will leave the link for the Rafflecopter part towards the end of the post.

You must enter via Rafflecopter for your entries to be counted.

No reposting necessary but you can if you’d like (for brownie points with me hehe) and tag me in the post so you’re followers know where to find me. You can also hashtag it #giveaway or #TargetGiveaway or both :)

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Once you get to the Rafflecopter Form-

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Amazing Hair Savior- Pura D’or Argan Oil- Organic Shampoo and Conditioner for Thinning Hair or Hair loss— Review

Sponsored by BrandBacker

If you follow me on Instagram, which I hope you do, you may have saw pics of me and my very thin hair. I also have issues with losing clumps, like handfuls of it whenever I wash it. Scary stuff no matter what age you are!

(If you do not follow me on IG my handle is @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs I post a lot about fitness, motivation, pics of my toddler, and if you’re interested in giveaways- I do a lot of reposting and info about giveaways! Later today I will be posting a big Target giveaway that I’m a part of which requires following me, and a daily like and comment on a different pic daily! More info on that on the next post later today. If you’d like to check out some of my Instagram posts, I have my account linked so some of my pics are located alllll the way at the bottom of my blog.)

So for starters, it’s organic which is great! Their shampoos and conditioners are free from SLS, Parabens and Gluten!

**Info from the brand page- For more than four years, Pura d’or has been growing a culture planted on a natural set of values and beliefs. But when all is said and done it comes down to one unified mission—to create organic personal care solutions that naturally work. All our ingredients are grown on trees, not in test tubes. Our products are artisanally handcrafted by a hybrid team of artists and scientists, not by machines. Some say that this is a step backward, but we believe that this is a step in the direction of how things should be. Pura d’or creates better beauty products from ingredients that are not only naturally beneficial, but are also sustainably grown and raised with respect for the animals that eat them and the people who produce them.

We are animal cruelty free, USDA biobased certified and Dr. Trusted.

We are #1 on Amazon for Shampoos and conditioners. We know that you will fall head over heels with Pura d’or!

For more information on Pura d’or check out our website at http://www.purador.com

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. ******

I thought there was no help for me. Thanks to Brandbacker I got to try a shampoo and conditioner from Pura D’or which is organic! The real names for shampoo and conditioner on the bottles are- Pura D’or, Argan Oil, Premium Organic Shampoo, Hair loss prevention therapy (then it lists some info and benefits which I will list later in post. The conditioner bottle says- Pura D’or, Argan Oil, Premium Oranic Conditioner, Lavender Vanilla. I love the smell- it is more vanilla than lavender (I dislike lavender a lot.)


So I started using this shampoo about a month and a half ago….I have seen huge, huge improvements! It is a hair loss prevention set so it has really helped with hair loss! I went from losing clumps and handfuls of hair to losing none or a few strands with every wash. Amazing stuff.
Obviously it does contain Argan Oil which is in there to help make your hair healthier. I am assuming that they put the Argan oil in there because a lot of females (maybe even males) lose hair due to breakage, not because they have a hair loss issue. I wear a top knot or bun almost daily and fall asleep with it in a lot. I have started working on that bad habit because I had so much breakage there were huge patches near my ears that were like I had a bob haircut!

So anyway, this stuff is awesome.
The shampoo does smell not so hot- it is very ‘herb-y’ smelling but after you put the conditioner in, it totally masks the smell of the shampoo (which was good for me because I really disliked that herb smell)!


The benefits listed on the Shampoo bottle are:
– 12 Advanced DHT blockers to stop premature hair loss
– For thinning hair, receding hair lines, and excessive shedding (I had thinning hair and excessive shedding in the shower and out.)
– For all hair types, Men, Women, even Color Treated (I just got my hair colored and I’m not sure I want to test if it really is ok for color treated. I am sure it is because all their other statements turned out to be true.


The Benefits listed on the amazing smelling conditioner bottle are:
– Enhance shine, manageability, and control
– Gentle, natural, and nourishing
– Made from 99% vegetable ingredients (how cool is that?!)
Plus again, it smells so great!
My experience with the conditioner- it is thick but sometimes I have to use a lot or even a squirt from a thicker one to get all the tangles out. For the most part it is great, and now that I got a trim, maybe it will work fine by itself.

The shampoo works awesome for the thinning and hair loss part. My only complaints are: like I said before, the herb smell. 2nd) for an Argan Oil shampoo I kinda figured that it would be more ‘nourishing’ or conditioning….after I use it, my hair feels sooooo dry! But once I use the conditioner it is ‘comb-able’. (I just got a haircut so now that the dead ends are gone I may have no issues.)

On top of this set of hair products I have been taking the max amount of Biotin for 2 months and I’m pretty sure that has helped too.

So I definitely reccomend these products which can be purchased on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and there will be another post today with the Instagram giveaway info. I usually don’t post twice in 1 day but only today because the giveaway started at Noon!

Tomorrow or next day I will be writing about some hair vitamins I tried!
I’ve been on a “save my hair” kick for the last two months lol….

Thanks for reading!

Hurry! Paula Dorf 2-1 Eyebrow Kit—- Free (pay $6.95 shipping)!!!

Hey budget beauties!
I got an email stating that Paula Dorf is “giving away” their 2-1 eyebrow kits in all 4 shades for just a small shipping fee of $6.95!!!!

This is valid from today April 1 thru Wednesday, April 8th.

The kits usually sell for $26 plus shipping. This is a great deal in my opinion anyway!


I do not make any kind of commission if you make a purchase! I just wanted to make you aware of a great deal!
I know a bunch of bloggers that got to try these via brandbacker, unfortunately I wasn’t one of them, but I hear great things about the kit!

Anyway the link is up there.
I’ll provide the email I got woth all the info-
All images belong to Paula Dorf!

This is the email, read carefully

This is the email, read carefully

Here is some info from the site directly- again, all images from Paula Dorf—

Goals for 2015

Well, I know I am a little late for posting a ‘goals’ post for 2015 but I guess I get an A- for effort   ?

My goals are the same as most people (I’m assuming):

~eat better

~save more money

~workout more

~be a better parent (not that I’m a ‘bad’ parent but just spend more quality time type stuff)

~one goal (that is probably not on most people’s lists) is work on my blog more often….which should be easier now that I got a laptop for Christmas. (Although, I’m ready to throw the thing at the wall because my two week return period is up and of course with my luck it is starting to act up and give me problems).

Basically I used to be in like (almost) “superior” shape…. 8 years ago and two kids ago…. I used to workout almost everyday…. whether it was on the treadmill or elliptical, or lifting weights at my college gym. And if I couldn’t get to a gym I would go for a walk or jog for at least an hour or two.

Getting back to that type of shape is such a dream…. I’d love to buy a treadmill or something…. But money and space are both an issue.

My eating habits need to change first. I have such a bad sweet tooth and am a total chocoholic. Plus, the new job that I just started has me around candy all day everyday. I have horrible self control and my weakness is caramel creams….

When I am at home or on break at work I have started to eat pineapple when I want candy…. I legit could eat two whole *or at least one* pineapple a day…. sooo good…

Also, if I need a sweet but crunchy snack I like Cheerios with milk, cut up strawberries, and some Splenda on top.

And if I really need chocolate, I just found the best snack ever- and it’s pretty darn healthy and contains natural ingredients- Brookside and the crunchy clusters are the best ones! OMG! But they’re semi-expensive at $4 a bag… but if you portion it right it will last you 2-3 days…. But I could eat a whole bag, but usually I can control it.

For now, while the MA weather is crappy and cold, I have to do workout Dvd’s in the house and work out on my Bellicon rebounder *trampoline* which is so fun it shouldn’t be considered a workout. And I love that Barre dvd that we got in a FabFitFun box a while back…I hate cardio so barre is awesome!

Once spring comes I will be back out walking and jogging my butt off again…

And of course- I have been wearing my Runtastic Orbit to track all of my calories and distance and more.

What are some of your goals? And how have you been sticking to them?

P.S.—- I’ve been in talks with some cool companies. I’m trying to think of which one would be the best one to start the year off with a giveaway from…. I’ll try not to think about it too long!

$50 Amazon Gift Card Group Giveaway- Blogger Oppurtunity Info

Hey everyone!

I finally took a huge step in my blogging ‘career’ and I am participating in a group giveaway hosted by Oh My Gosh Beck!   The giveaway prize is a $50 Amazon gift card! I know of a few things off the top of my head that I would love to get with that! The giveaway will run from: 1/9 – 1/23.  So get your daily entries in!

I’ve been blogging for about a year now and need to grow so doing something like this is a sure fire way to do it!

I have followed and have ‘known’ Becky (from Oh MY Gosh Beck) for about a year. She organizes these types of giveaways all the time and works with all sorts of bloggers.

Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Go here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers in some totally awesome giveaway opportunities—

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If you are not a blogger and just want to check out her Facebook page that is filled with awesome giveaways, here is that link:


There are 2 huge giveaways going on now plus this Amazon one!

If you just want to enter the giveaway for now- here is the rafflecopter
a Rafflecopter giveaway

New~ Product Review~ Kiss Instawave~ I’m in Love~!

Hey guys-

Happy New Year!!

I haven’t posted since Dec. 9th. Just so crazy with 2 kiddos (plus one stepdaughter) and all the holiday madness that comes with all that.

So I wanted to finally post my review on the Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron! I received it from BrandBacker and Kiss to test but all opinions are my own, as always!

In short- I love it and my 8 (almost 9 year old) daughter love it!image image image image image

The first time I used it, I did not love it at all! I thought I was going to hate it, actually. It just took a little- ok more like a lot, of practice. To this day, I still think it is way easier to use on someone else rather than on myself.

I do HIGHLY recommend buying one if you have the means to! The retail price is $59.99 and you can buy it from the Kiss official website, Target, Ulta, or Amazon.

It gives great loose, perfect wavy curls. You know, like the ones that are so highly in style right now! And if you’re like me and can’t get it on the first try – It may take a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it is a remarkable tool that makes beautiful curls instantly! Plus, there are a TON of YouTube videos and how to demos out there.

When I first saw the product out of the box, I have to admit, I was kinda scared that it was going to tangle. The “spikey” things and the rotation did not seem like it would be a good idea.

But my hair, nor my daughter’s very long hair got tangled. It just created gorgeous, soft, waves and curls that lasted! I have never been able to get my daughter’s straight hair to curl or to keep a curl. Now I come across the Instawave and not only can I create a curl and keep a curl for hours and hours but it’s FUN and EASY to use! Me and my daughter made a girls night out of curling each other’s hair, making a YouTube video and taking lots of pictures of our hair and makeup.

Here are some fun facts about  product:

The KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic and tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls!

~It’s easy for anyone (even tweens, under supervision of course) to use, from any angle, with any hand.

~Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions

~Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes

~2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420

You must hold the InstaWave vertically by your head for it to work best or at all. Any other angle and it will not work correctly.

Simply place a section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod and then push the curl button either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair! (It’s pretty awesome, I must say!)

Hold for 5-10 seconds- hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves (I was holding it for at least 10-15 seconds in my daughter’s long and thick hair).

Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out- let hair set and cool.

You can switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls (I found this to be the best tip).

I give the product an A- but I still need more practice on myself and I have medium/short hair so it is kind and of hard for me. I still can’t get over how I’ve tried many curling irons on my daughter and finally found this one that gives her gorgeous curls that actually stay in for hours! Usually when I try to curl her hair they either fall out right away or won’t curl at all.

Here is my YouTube Video and Demonstration with my daughter-

So I’ll keep practicing! Will you be getting one or do you already have one?

Free Julep Metamorphic Top Coat in January Box! hurry!

free julep “metamorphic” top coat with you regular january maven box! While supplies last! I just got mine.

enter your email, you should get a confirm email but some are saying they didn’t (so I took a screenshot)!



Thanks My Subscription Addiction for the heads up!

Wantable Cyber Monday Box Deal- $18!!!!


First you can create an acct with my referral link and then to get the discount you must use the link the provided on their facebook page-

when you click it, it will say 50% coupon and then just sign into your acct after you click the coupon box.


Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that Wantable is having a cyber monday deal where if you start a subscription (or in my case, re-start as sub) they are giving it at 50% off which is making it $18!

The great thing about this is Wantable has a skip option so If you sign up and don’t want any after the $18 box just remember to go in an skip every  month around this time.


If you click that and fill out your info, once you get to the end where you enter payment info/see  your balance it should say ‘cyber monday coupon 50% and it will say $18 for a total.

IT ONLY WORKS FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS- I tried clicking one time purchase and it said to  use the coupon must be a subscription. (But like I said, that’s fine with me because I can go in and skip).

So check them out. I have had great luck with them. They have makeup, accessories, and intimates. They also have a fitness box now but it’s a little different (you have to pay a styling fee of $20 and they send you items and if you keep them they charge you for the items you keep). I have had awesome luck with all the boxes. I have to say accessories is my least favorite but that’s because I like real silver/gold.

That’s all for now.

If anyone knows anything about a HP Stream, let me know if I should get one. I saw a pink/purple one the other day and fell in love. I just want it for blogging, facebook. facebook games…. stuff I use my tablet for….

Also I will have a blog post up for the Kiss Instawave hopefully tomorrow so stay tuned! That thing is awesome!

What other cyber monday deals are you going for?

Popsugar is also offering a box at 50% off but I didn’t have enough money lol.

:My French Connection Cravings:

Have you guys ever heard of French Connection? I  hadn’t, until recently. Their stuff is so luxurious, classy and feminine.

I would love to get my hands on some of their pieces! Take a browse around their site—–tell me your not drooling!?!

If I was to get an outfit from them right now, I would get—

~For pants–

~Diamond Denim Leggings- $148.00


These are just basic black denim leggings but their structured look is gorgeous.The ankle zip detail really adds some spunk.


~Or I would get —-

~Killacroc Leggings — $128.00


These are black leather looking, ‘croc effect’ textured leggings… I really have been wanting some ‘leather’ leggings so these would be awesome to have….


~Pair these with—-

Winter Fluff Knitted Cardigan —$188.00


The very feminine, soft, light grey color is gorgeous. Pair it with the leather or the black leggins and it adds just the amount of edge to the feminine.


~Under the Cardigan I would need a shirt-

Atty Lace Top —$88.00


This is a gorgeous creamy white blouse with black lace detail on the shoulders (if I wanted to take the cardigan off to show off the top). It looks silky in the picture and the silky of this combined with the fluffy cardigan would be a great texture combination!


~OR pair the Cardi with a graphic tee-

Queenie Tee Top — $68.00


This is a white Tee with a black silhouette of a Queen with her crown. Graphic tees are one of my faves for casual wear.


And I would obviously need a jacket since it’s cold here in Massachusetts-

These jackets are To Die For-

“Soft to the touch and with a faux fur-lined hood, the Autumn Vhari Hooded Cardigan makes the perfect cosy cover-up for Autumn / Winter.”

This is a white wool blend jacket with a grey faux fur lined hood. Zip detail in the front to show off my top underneath, and clean lines. Comes to hip level.
But I really love this for more winter-y weather-

Freda Blizzard Hooded Parka — $398.00


“Be ready for whatever winter throws at you in our ultra-durable Freda Parka. A faux fur-trimmed hood adds a touch of luxe texture.”

This is a jet-black, GORGEOUS, grey fur trimmed (real fur! Sorry PETA), parka with lots of detail from shiny panels in the front to pockets…

Freda-Blizzard-Hooded-ParkaHow gorgeous is this parka?!?

I will  probably never know what it’s like to own something on this list though… not for a while anyway. I shouldn’t say never but just not til I finish school and get a ‘real’ job!

What would you get from French Connection?

What do you think of my choices?

Have a great rest of the week!

(all photos are from French Connection and are only used to help you get an idea of my outfit! Not my photos!)


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