Yay! I started my blog today…..

by cstone412cs

This is an exciting day- got the blog up.. not so much ‘going’ but hey… Took care of the baby all day and she is sleeping right now so I have a few minutes.

Last week I signed up for Julep.com which I will get into more a little later on. When I signed up for Julep I noticed, SO MANY women do blogs about their beauty adventures. I realized- how much I would LOVE to do a beauty themed blog. I would really love to get subscription box services (for free haha) and open them up as part of the blog… maybe some day I can only wish, right?

I am a stay a home mom (I did go to beauty school for a few months and never finished. Yes, I am a beauty school drop out. And wow, I am dating myself by knowing that line!) and I am used to being able to get pretty much any makeup or fashion trends when I wanted. But now that I am staying home and we are surviving on just his income, I need to watch for deals!

So this blog is going to be dedicated to anything beauty related, anything bargain related and anything fashion related. With an occasional cute kid story. And probably some weight loss stuff thrown in  for good measure. Because you can wear all the make up in the world but if you aren’t some what in shape- what are you wearing it for? Sorry… not sorry.

So hopefully, I can amuse some of you. Maybe inspire some creative make up or nail art. Maybe I’ll give you an occasional chuckle (this chic is crazy might come to mind…). I just want to have fun and talk about stuff I love and hopefully can build some kind of audience.

Tomorow, I should be getting my first Julep box! That will be my first ‘real’ post. So whenever the mail lady brings it- we shall open it! It should be tomorrow since the package go to town today…