oh my- I seem to have an addiction!

by cstone412cs

Well today I signed up for two more subscription services! That’s right- 2! What am I thinking?  And I really, really, REALLY, WANT wantable.com’s box too! But I might wait to see if they offer me a box to blog about.

I signed up for FabFitFun and glossybox.  I probably would have skipped glossybox but two or 3 of the products are promised to be full size this month (They are saying the month is September but it’s almost the end of Sept. So I don’t know what is going on with that. I did google it and no one seems to have their box yet. I guess it runs like sept/oct from what I did find). Also, supposedly, the box is said to have over a hundred dollar value which for $21 how can I resist!

FabFitFun was my little splurge… I spent $45 (normally would have been almost $50 but I had a save $5 code. I think the code was FREEVIP.) This box is a seasonal box with only 4 boxes a year. So really it’s only costing about $200 a year or less (if you buy the whole year at once you save a bunch) (where as Julep.com is $20-55 or more a month if you decide to upgrade).

So right now I get Julep, Glossybox, and FabFitFun. And hopefully will get Wantables. Wantables is $35 a month (or $40 for a one time purchase) but it customizes what make-up you get by a really in depth survey. So I guess no two boxes are the same. Another perk of Wantable is they are full size products.

I was considering the PopSugar box because it is a little cheaper than the FabFitFun box but of all the google-ing that I did on reviews for them, I just like the FFF box better. It is more expensive but it’s also geared more toward beauty and makeup. The last box got a scarf, sunglasses, lip gloss, nail polish and a health or diet snack whereas the Popsugar box you get candles, food, a book, nail polish and I think a fashion or make up thing.

I like candles and I like the scent infuser that they gave out but I would rather a new scarf or glasses.

So I can’t wait to get my boxes and review them for you guys! I am so excited to be doing this… I know I am a dork but it’s fun 🙂

I have been spending a little extra time on the facebook for my blog. Just because it’s easier to add pics and quick little status updates.

So this month into October I am spending a little bit on sub services-

Julep- I got the Modern Beauty box for $20 and I added on three nail polishes making it $35 (dark teal, Ciara – a ‘vampy’ magenta, and I ended up getting Winona the nude ‘greige’ color because it is a really big color for fall/winter.

Glossybox- I spent $21 (I should’ve just got the 3 month sub for $60 and I would’ve gotten a free lipstick… oh well. If you use the code TARTE on a three month you can have the lipstick.

FabFitFun- $45 (again, I wanted to sign up for the three month. I think it was $145 for three months so winter, spring and summer but I decided to see if I really liked the box and if I do then I will get the next three.)

So if my math is correct, that is $101 which isn’t too bad but for someone who isn’t working- it’s bad lol! Anyway- the next box that I DEFINITELY will be buying is the Blush Mystery Box and probably the wantable.com box.

Within the next day or two I should be getting my Add-on for the Julep mystery box that I still haven’t gotten. Then in about ten days I will be getting my sea salt spray from Julep and oil face wash. And then maybe a week after that I will be getting my October Modern Beauty box. Glossybox sent me a bill already and said it will ship shortly so I have no idea when I will get that. I should just not look so I can be surprised!

I really need to get some sleep. This blogging and facebooking obsession that I started has been keeping me up til like 4am!

I want to do a giveaway of a couple Julep polishes. Once this blog gets to 25 people I will do a giveaway so spread the word!

And if you like this blog- check out my facebook (www.facebook.com/BudgetBeauty) where I do more contest type things and am on way more and share way more stuff!