My first Wantable box!

by cstone412cs


I can’t do an uanboxing for you because as soon as I saw the box I ripped it open. Maybe I was too excited because I was a little let down by the contents.  I had done a lot of “research” before deciding to spend the $35. I watched lots of YouTube videos and read alotof blogs, that’s what I mean by research.

I got a cute little blush brush (Cailyn, $15), a light pink polish in an awesome looking bottle (Michael Marcus, $16), an eyeliner blue dark blue (Susan Posnick, $26), blush in “raspberry tart” by be a bombshell ($16), and my favorite thing was the Lise Watier mascara ($23).

I am having technical difficulties right now on my IPad so I will have to finish this later. It seems to be freaking out because of the picture…