Ophelia’s Apothecary October Box Review

by cstone412cs


I tried posting this earlier but it seems that it’s not showing up… So if you do see it twice- I apologize and I will fix it. I just want to make sure people do see it rather than not see it at all.

About a month ago I had won a raffle or giveaway on another beauty blog. The prize was one month from Ophelia’s Apothecary. It’s an Indie box and costs $15/month. It has 4-5 full size and deluxe sample size ‘goodies’ a month. Of course I was really excited because I am a sub box and product junkie! Also, from the boxes I had seen of her’s she put in one cute little piece of jewelry or a little ‘trinket’ so I was excited to see what was to come.

I opened my mail yesterday and saw a little bubble package/envelope. I had no idea what it was because I am expecting a bunch of makeup and little things that I have won or ordered. I was eager to see what it was so I dug in right away. (This is why you see the bag on a strange surface- that would be my leggings LOL)(Of course I am not driving- I am in the backseat with my often cranky 5 month old!).

I was VERY surprises by how small the envelope and bag was… I’m not complaining. I just expected a box.  To be completely honest , I guess I expected a little larger of samples as well and I thought I had heard that she also gave full size. I guess not this month. But whatever was inside the bag smelled very good.

I pulled out the info card which was pink for October. Apparently, the owner/creator/worker of Ophelia’s Apothecary is a breast cancer survivor- which she doesn’t consider herself because she is still in treatment. She went on to tell her story of dealing with stage IV, which was amazing.  I was glad to learn the story behind how she got started. She had to start mixing her own lotions and creams because she needed products that wouldn’t “feed the estrogen receptor positive cancer”.

I reached into the bag and pulled something out that I thought was a tealight candle. It, in fact, was a sample of whipped body butter called Pink Chiffon. I obviously opened it right then and there and tried it out because it smelled so delicious. (It actually smelled good enough to eat. You know like those ‘cheeky’ or sexy kind of body lotions that you can eat? It smelled like it would taste as good as it smelled. Can I admit that I did lick it just to be sure? It did not taste great and my 7 year old got a laugh!) Anyway, after tasting it, I put it on my skin and it really went on smooth. It wasn’t greasy or oily or sticky- just pure moisturizing goodness. The sample of lotion probably would get me a couple times on select dry areas like elbows or knees.

Next, I decided to read the card to see what else was in the bag.  I saw there was Pink Frosting lip balm so I decided to try that next. It also smelled to die for and went on really smooth. I can’t really explain the smell. It was a little strawberry smell with a sugary smell with some kind of herb-y smell mixed in. (Both the body cream and balm smelled similarly.) The only thing I disliked about the balm was that it didn’t taste like anything! Again, it smelled so good that I was hoping it would have some kind of taste and it didn’t. I don’t know how the bigger companies get their balms to taste but if she could do it, I would be sold! This also was about the size of a ‘tealight’ candle but would go far.

Next I went digging for the ‘jewelry’ piece that I was so hoping for. I found a little beaded angel at the bottom of the bag which ended up being the charm of a bracelet. The bracelet was “to honor the ones that went before us, the ones who fight now, and a hope for better treatment options in the future.” It was a simple thin pink wire for the bracelet part with the really cute angel charm. Nothing extraordinary, just simple home made jewelry. At the bottom of the bag was also a ‘simple pink ribbon’. I decided to try the perfumes at home so I wouldn’t offend my smell-sensitive hubby.

The two perfume samples were a rather decent size.  One smelled more sweet like a Strawberry Shortcake doll and was ” Pink Sugar Luxe Body Mist”. The other was more of lavender and was Pink Perfume Oil. The sugar body mist literally made me smell like a doll… I gave it to my daughter but I am still oddly attracted to that smell! There was also a gift card ‘sample’ in there from her sister’s shop… NO not a gift card with money on it like I had thought at first but an actual card that you put with a gift! I thought maybe to plug her sister’s shop they put a little five dollar card in every bag.

I did like that I got to try this box. I can’t believe that the things smell so great and that a lady makes these things herself! I would love to learn how she actually crams all that smell in there! I just wish the stuff was a little bigger. But for $15 a month it’s really not bad. I am sure if you are a subscriber you get months that have more stuff.  I probably will go check to see how much a whole thing of her body butter costs because it really was amazing! Check out her Facebook or her website. I believe she is also on Etsy.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/OpheliasApothecary