1st Wantable Accessory (October) Review

by cstone412cs

Image  I was a little skeptical about trying the Wantable Accessory box because every box or piece that I had seen other people get was not my style or looked really cheap. I just got my box and I actually really liked it. I guess that’s the great thing about Wantable- they give you a style quiz so they know what you will like. You pick the things you love, like, and hate. You will get stuff you love, maybe get stuff you like, and never get stuff you hate.  My accessory collection is really small because I will NOT buy rings or earrings that will tarnish or turn me green. I have maybe three items total that aren’t real silver or gold or rhodium. I hate being green. I am not sure if their stuff will turn me green but I guess I’ll find out.

The cost of the box is either $36/month or $40 for a one time purchase. I had gotten an email from them last week saying it would be another  $4 off if I got it because I already get their makeup box. So I only paid $32.  I had heard people say you could choose one of their three boxes *makeup, accessories, intimates* for the month but I had to actually sign up again for the accessory box. There was no option to switch out my makeup for accessories. So now I have two monthly boxes but they do have an option to skip. So if I get one I probably will not get the other. At this point I really don’t need either! I got the reminder today that my makeup will be on it’s way soon and I can’t decide if I should take it or skip it.

Anyways, onto what I got in the box. I got three things- earrings, a watch, and a ring. Supposedly you can get 3-5 items but lately most people only get three.  The earrings I got are said to have a $24 retail which is about five or ten more than I would think they have. If they don’t turn me green they will have my stamp of approval! I really think the earrings are pretty, a little big for me but pretty. Don’t get me wrong I love big earrings but usually I go for long not wide. I do wear my hair up a lot and with the right makeup and outfit they will probably look nice. If they don’t look good on me I know a friend that would love them.

I put that I loved watches on my quiz so I was hoping to get one and I did. It has rhinestones on the sides and is rectangle shaped. I love rectangle watches because they are different and I think they have a ‘thinning’ effect rather than a circle. They say that this watch is worth $36 but I am not too sure about that. I would say since it’s a no name brand it’s probably more like $20. I know I could get a comparable watch at Target for that price. I am hoping I can get a couple of the links taken out so it fits.

The one thing that was a miss was the ring that they sent (also said to have a $24 value). On my style quiz I had said that I didn’t really like gold and that I NEVER like ‘mixing and matching’ silver and gold or other textures/colors. So when I saw a gold ring I didn’t really understand after all the other stuff was silver. I do, however, like the ring. Gold is really in style right now so I decided I would try to wear it more often which is going to be hard for me since I barely own any gold things! It isn’t a really shiny real gold, the kind I hate. It’s more of a darker color and has two different textures- a shiny and a matte look. But it doesn’t fit! The part that goes on the normal ring part of my finger fits but the little part that is supposed to be worn on the upper knuckle part doesn’t. I am a pretty small person too so if it doesn’t fit me, I am not sure how it fits anyone. It fits on the first knuckle on my pinky but it’s not meant to be worn there. The great thing about Wantable is if they get something wrong or you don’t like something you can return it. I have already emailed them about it. From what I have read, all you have to do is send them the item back (I’m not sure who pays the postage yet) and they send a new one.

Like I said before, the only reason I got this box was because it was $32 which is a little lower than what I estimate the value at. I am sure the stuff is worth more but it’s no name stuff and I am sure it will turn me green and not last very long. I am happy with the selections that they picked. That being said, I will be skipping (or just cancelling at some point) until I see that their stuff is a little better. I mean for three bucks more I can get way better jewelry from Cate & Chloe (or pick it myself at Target). Cate & Chloe’s stuff is comparable to Swarovski and that stuff doesn’t make me green at all!

What would you pick?