Rootflage- My First experience with it-

by cstone412cs


Before Rootflage- I really need to get to the hairdresser and my hair needs to be washed right now too~!


This is a ponytail shot after Rootflage- you can totally see it’s not black looking anymore


This one is my favorite! And I bet if I had clean hair, it would look ten times better.

This stuff is amazing! It’s basically mineral makeup for your hair- but you can’t tell it’s there. (you can but no one else can)

Image I won a contest and I got to pick three bottles of Rootflage. They have light, cool, and warm. I watched a video on YouTube and I thought the light would be a little too light for me since I haven’t even had my hair done in months. So I decided to get two packages of cool and one package of warm. Warm is for caramel or gold highlights and the cool is for champagne or lighter highlights.

I used the warm on my roots and could see a difference but not as much of a difference as I wanted to see. So then I tried the Cool. The cool looked awesome! And the two combined looked even better!

This stuff does exactly what it says it will and it will end up saving you tons of money because you won’t have to go running to the salon every six weeks or when you start getting roots.

If you know me, you know I have a 6 month old and my fiance works 2nd-3rd shift so he rarely has time to watch her because he is either working or sleeping for work. So I don’t get to wash my hair a lot (enough but not a lot). Anyway, I think if my hair was more clean the Rootflage would have looked a little better.

I think it covered the roots great. The one thing I didn’t like about it was up close I could see a powdery finish near my scalp.  I rubbed on it and it made it slightly better. I will have to try it again once I wash my hair and then I will be trying it again after I get my hair highlighted/dyed next weekend.

At the end of the month I will be having a giveaway of Rootflage!! So you will get to try it yourself!

I found this YouTube video and it is only 54seconds and really awesome to watch her do her hair so great and so quick.

And if you are interested check out Rootflage on Facebook or go to

All opinions are my own. This was not provided to me for a review, it was a contest win.