Quickie Fabletics Review November

by cstone412cs


If you want to check out Fabletics’ awesomely soft sweatshirts/Tshirts and nice pants then click my link (click the blue/aqua title and it will bring you to their site) and you will only pay $25-30 for a full 2-3 piece outfit instead of $50 which is obv half off. That is their deal right now when you first sign up. You can also sign up and then cancel or just skip months. I love sub services that let you skip instead of just cancelling.

I do not recommend their padded sports bras- read on for more info.

I posted this as a comment on panther blog but it as so long I figured I would just use it as my review here.

I had very mixed feelings about Fabletics…. I wanted to try them becauseI heard good things and I did get fifty percent off for three items.

The first thing I didn’t like was they were almost sold out of everything I liked in my size. Also, most stuff I wanted, I didn’t like the other parts. Like one of the sweatshirts I liked (I got with capris) but they showed it with shorts too, I live in Massachusetts and its freezing for capris and for shorts. But the long pants I wanted were either sold out in my size or in black or went with really ugly tops or even colder tank tops.
Anyway, I got my stuff yesterday, not happy at all. I love the sweatshirt and I like that pants.  The sweatshirt is so soft, I could live in it!  However, I am usually a medium or large so I figured I would get a large for the sweatshirt to be a little roomy. It is sooooo long and the sleeves go like six inches past my hands! Which looks ridiculous because the sweatshirt has thumb holes so when I used the thumb holes it gets all bunched up with the extra material. I will have to call about a medium, I really liked the pink and grey sweatshirt that looks off the shoulder and like a baseball tee. But they don’t have mint or black to match the pants I got….I honestly don’t even like the mint color that I got for my sweatshirt but they didn’t have black and they didn’t have any pants that matched the other colors! I want a matching outfit!
Then the worst part was the bra that I paid an extra $20 for because I needed one (and one didn’t come with the outfit that I liked)because I’m flat. Anyway, I got the Kokimo in black in a large. I will DEFINITELY be returning it, the pads/cups are already all out of place. Well one is ok and the other one is all messed up. And the band because of the cups being messed up also was twisting under, and that’s without washing or wearing. So I can’t imagine how bad it will get.
So disappointed.
Also, the pants I got were pretty good. I also got a large but I think I could fit in a medium, the legs were nice and compressed but it was a little loose on my stomach, which might be good so I don’t have rolls showing or “muffin top”.
All in all, not a great experience. Now I have to wait til Mon or Tues (because the holiday) to see what can be done about my sweatshirt and bra….They claim that if you don’t like something that you can exchange it for whatever you want…. so we shall see what happens. I will keep you updated.

But like I said- I got the sweatshirt of my dreams!