Wantable.com Intimates Review (November Box)

by cstone412cs

Wantable.com Intimates Review (November Box)

I had the chance to review a box for Wantable.com and I picked Intimates because I already get the other two boxes (makeup and accessories).

This is my video on YouTube but there will be a more ‘formal’ review here probably on Sunday night or Monday for those who don’t want to watch the video. It’s really not that entertaining lol

I am in love with this box and I will be cancelling my makeup box just to get this box!

This is my 2nd video review and I am still not that great at it. Any advice would be appreciated. Please be kind. You don’t need to be mean with the advice- there are nice ways to say things 🙂

I know my table was a mess and I know at one point you can see my HILARIOUS black socks with florescent yellow toes! Maybe Wantable intimates should send me some socks! haha I did put those on my love list but I didn’t get any.

So stay tuned for the real blog review on Sunday night or Monday. I just wanted to do a box opening on YouTube. I figure if I can get a couple new people to see me on YouTube I will get some new readers here.

Also, there will be a new GIVEAWAY starting very soon on my Facebook/Blog. I am waiting to hear back from Cate & Chloe. It is pretty much already set up but I am just fine tuning the details. So stay tuned for that. The giveaway is either going to be $125 Diamond Simulated earrings or something else from their website.

So check out Wantable.com and I highly suggest all their boxes but this one has by far been the best.

Here is a link if you want to check them out. They also have three Limited Edition Holiday makeup boxes right now.


Also, If you decide to sign up for more than one box instead of being $36 sometimes they give you a $4 discount for already being a member. So I got the makeup box first and then I got $4 off my accessories box which is the whole reason I decided to get it.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to say Hi on my Facebook page and tell all your friends about it and this blog 🙂