Cate & Chloe VIP Box Review and Giveaway Info

by cstone412cs


What you are seeing:

Cate & Chloe VIP Box Sample

Erica Noble Ring, $99

Ella Bright Stud Earrings, $125

(This review is stressing me out because I am under so much pressure to tell you all about this awesome service and not bore you to death with details…

Here goes-)

The people at Cate & Chloe sent me a box to review and are going to send one lucky reader a piece from their website! Read on for details….

If you want jewelry and accessories that will get tons of compliments yet it’s affordable, then I have something to tell you- you will LOVE this subscription service! Cate and Chloe VIP monthly service has affordable, classic, beautiful jewelry for any occasion. Best of all it’s not fake junk that will turn you green!

This is a sample of what Cate & Chloe’s monthly box and jewelry look like except I can’t capture the true beauty of the jewelry in the pictures (and you will only get one piece at a time wrapped up like a beautiful present). I loved the Erica Noble ring on the site and I love it more in person. The sparkle on it is amazing. The Ella Bright Stud earrings are from the Simulated Diamond Collection and unless you are looking with a microscope then you really can’t tell they aren’t real! They have intricate silver detailing on the sides. They are a little big for my ears for daily wear but would look awesome a little dressed up either date night or formal.

The quality of both pieces was amazing. The ring was so heavy and I bumped it a few times and nothing happened to it. Thank God. The earrings were really made very well and the posts were very sturdy. Both made very well!

They will send you two pieces of jewelry a month for $39.99 and it will be worth at least $200 or more. As a VIP you will receive the most popular pieces and one will be an unreleased, “exclusive” piece. Also, when you become a VIP any shipping on any purchase will become FREE shipping! I love that part. You will also get a 20% off VIP member discount on any purchases even sale items! I love that too. I just bought earrings that were worth $125 and I got them for $20 for their Good Morning America sale! (I am starting my VIP membership soon but if I had already had it I would’ve gotten them for another $4 off! Crazy!) You can also return or exchange anything you don’t love.
Tell me these perks don’t sound amazing!

***********Now if you weren’t already ‘sold’ on this concept- my reader’s will get an extra 10% off their membership price!

Use code BeautyBudget2013  upon your VIP sign up. The discount will go thru right away. (If you should happen to have trouble, which I don’t think you will, you can either let me know or contact their support at and tell them that you were sent by Budget Beauty blog and you should be getting your 10% off reader discount!)

If you have questions you can read the FAQ here

Now about the jewelry and the subscription- It is a recurring charge and the charge will happen either at the beginning or middle depending on when you sign up. They will send one piece at the beginning of the month and one toward the middle. You can cancel anytime.

And I just spoke with my ‘person’ and I was told that if you want to skip a month- just shoot them an email ( and let them know that you would like to skip that month. I love when subscriptions let you skip! You shouldn’t have to cancel just because you don’t have the money one month (or two lol).

Check out their pages of sparkly jewelry at affordable pricing at Their jewelry pieces are inspired by their favorite designers and their pieces can be worn day or night, work or play.

When I first found their website I was in love. I saw the Erica Noble ring and I love big sparkly statement rings, and this is a big, beautiful ring! It’s not too big but it’s perfect enough for me to wear during the day and at night to go somewhere nice.

They have sterling plated jewelry, gold plated jewelry, and rhodium jewelry so you will never turn green. Their Simulated Diamond and Swarovski collections are to die for. Their jewelry is comparable to Swarovski jewelry if you are wondering what it may be like. I have a huge problem with turning green with any fake jewelry and I didn’t turn green with this because it was rhodium and sterling plated.

So I will be signing up for the VIP, I don’t know about you. I loved their stuff when I first saw it online and loved it more in person. I will review the earrings I got from the GMA sale when I get them.

So want to have a piece of their jewelry for yourself?

Giveaway time? Why Not! The people at Cate & Chloe have been so kind to not only send me a box to review but to give one reader a piece from their site! The piece up for grabs is to be picked by me but I may leave it up to you! I will either pick the piece that get’s the most ‘votes’ in the comments on here or Facebook or if you are picky, I will let you pick your own. (Well their people told me I could pick so I will ask if you can but what is the difference?)

I will be making a Rafflecopter for this shortly so stay tuned… This one will be a little different because I had so many issues last time! Not only will you have to fill out the Rafflecopter but you have to comment here or on Facebook to qualify.

The Rafflecopter will be up shortly!