Bluum Box November Review. 5 month old Girl. with Giveaway Info

by cstone412cs


This box was paid for by me and all opinions are mine.

Bluum Box is what I call a ‘mommy’ and ‘child’ box (like Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate) and they send you (five ?) products a month depending on the age and sex of your child. This box is for a 5 month old girl.

I got this box on Plum District for $12 and I think it’s a really good deal for $12. I was hoping for a better toy or toys, otherwise I really like it.

Cost- normally this box is $24.95/mo, 3 months for $23, or 6 months forΒ  $21

When I saw it on Plum District for half off, I took the chance to try it out. All this for $12 is awesome. However, if I had paid $25 I would’ve been a little disappointed. I have seen better boxes though. A better toy and it would be fine πŸ™‚

My daughter loves the teething ring so I guess that’s what matters.

What’s in the box:

(This box does not come with an info card so I will do my best)

Lansinoh Momma Teether, Fred,Β  $5.99

OcuSoft Baby eyelid and eyelash cleanser,Β  $9.99-$12.74

Baby Warmers, legwarmers by BabyLegs,Β  $10

Weleda Baby, Calendula Weather Protection Cream, $12

Teething Relief, homeopathic medicine by Camilia, $5.94-6.99

coupon and ad for Tweekaboo memory book app $10 off scrapbook

coupon for OccuSoft save $3.50 on next purchase.

Total of items in box– about $43.98 -46

All in all, I will use everything in this box. The eye wipes were probably the one thing that I did not need or want. But since I have them I will use them or gift them.

The leg warmers are cute; I wish they were socks or tights but they are still cute.

We live in Massachusetts so it does get pretty cold here. The Weleda weather protection cream, I would have never bought on my own but since I have it I will probably use it.

The two best things were the teething ring and the teething gel. I was actually about to buy the teething medicine but waited so that worked out well!

So like I said, if I paid $25 for this one box in particular- I would’ve been a little let down. I have seen other boxes that were good and others that were awesome. I am happy though, because I got it for a steal. Yes, the items did total twice the full price of the box so they did a good job.

If you are interested in getting Bluum you can use my link πŸ˜‰ it would be much appreciated.

I don’t know if you guys read my posts in entirety πŸ™‚ I would hope so- If you do then you will know this ahead of other people-

I bought an extra ‘month’ to Bluum on Plum District. I was thinking of doing a giveaway with the 2nd one that I bought. I just need to figure out when to run the giveaway and if many of you would want it. If you would want a giveaway for one month of Bluum let me know in the comments below. Likewise, if you would rather not have it for a giveaway let me know.