Go To Gift for the Fisher Man in Your Life- Tackle Grab Review

by cstone412cs


First Look


Real First Look at Everything


Gambler Shakey Shad, Angler’s Choice Speed Bug- will be using both of these!


Fishbelly Samuri Twin Spin Spinner Bait, Eco Pro Tungsten Heavyweight Flipping Jig


Reaction Strike Revolution Shad

 I had the chance to review a box for Tackle Grab and I jumped at the chance. My Fiance and I always take the kids fishing in the summer/spring at a few lakes in our area. Also, with Christmas coming up I figured I could gift the pieces that I got to my fiance. But when I got the box I handed it to him and said Merry Christmas, now help me write the review! So I guess I ruined my idea. Oh well. He was still happy.

What is it? Tackle Grab is a monthly subscription for anyone who wants to try out some new lures. They will send you at least $16 worth of ‘bait’/lures every month.

How do I get it? You go to tacklegrab.com, choose the monthly plan that’s best for you, take the Angler profile quiz to help decide what lures are best for you, and VOILA you get your monthly box tailored to what lures are best for you based on your profile. The boxes are said to show up on the 20th of every month with the cut off for payments being the 10th.

“Look forward to receiving high-end baits and terminal tackle every month that are tailored to your fishing needs.”

Any available discounts? For Black Friday you can enter code TackleGrab20 to save 20% off a subscription. The code works whether it’s for you or a gift subscription.

How much is it? The monthly plans (all with ‘free shipping’) they have are (before any discounts):

3 months for $42

6 months for $78

12 months for $144

For a limited time they are offering sign ups for the “month-to-month” plan for $5. (I don’t think the Black Friday discount applies to the $5)

How’d you like your box? We were pretty happy! We can pretty much use everything in this box except the huge fish lure. We are pretty sure that one is for ocean/deep sea fishing… We might be wrong but we don’t know any fresh water fish that are big enough to eat that!

Since this box was for review we didn’t get to take the profile quiz so they just sent us a sample box. We were pretty happy to get the two packages of rubber worms. Although one of them says ‘salt flavor’ so we are thinking that one might be for ocean fishing. He was most happy to get the Twin Spin spinning bait. He has been wanting to buy one and putting it off. So this was a pretty great box for us.

I am not too sure when the Black Friday special end… I will find out and post in comments… Sorry about that!