Mistobox Info-Review- and Cyber Monday Savings

by cstone412cs


First Look


The Info Card and Coffe Bags- I thought you would be able to see this a little better in the pic but I guess not!



   I had won a month of a monthly coffee subscription called Mistobox and it arrived last week. I love coffee so I was pretty excited to try this out. They take the hassle out of picking a coffee for you by picking four of the most legendary coffees and deliver it to your door. By signing up for a subscription you also get other little perks such as discounts on full size bags of coffee and brew equipment from their site, free shipping, and tips and brewing advice.

I had wished they had an option to come ground because my coffee grinder is broken but I learned that by grinding the coffee it would lose its freshness. To keep its freshness, it comes in a sealed bag that is pretty thick and is airtight. I got a information card with tips on it and I learned a few things like storing coffee in the freezer actually is bad! They say to grind it every time right before serving so I am going to have to go buy a grinder! My Mom says I can find a cheap one for like $15-20. I suppose this is only half a review because I can’t tell you what it tastes like yet! Sorry about that! I will let you know as soon as I know.

The coffee comes with a card that has a small paragraph about where it came from. I really liked the two informational cards that I got. I learned a lot.

The four coffees that I got were:

Coava, El Salvador Santa Sofia- Tasting notes are floral aromatics, brown sugar, ‘comforting’- This one sounds pretty good.

Onyx Coffee Lab, Costa Rica Naranjo Lourdes-  Tasting notes are lime, acidity, creamy, Nutella, “dynamic”. I love Nutella!

Crema, Honduras Ojo De Agua- Tasting notes are wildflower, honey, tofee, “familiar”. *I’m most excited to try this one!*

Klatch Coffee, Panama Carmen Estate Reserve- Tasting notes are Key lime, honey, sweetness, “complex”- I may like this.

Also on the coffee packets is info like origin, the process that made it, variety, elevation, and the tasting notes (above).

There are two kinds of subscriptions:

$20/month and you get four 1.7 oz. bags of whole bean coffee.

$30/month and you get four 3.4 oz. bags of whole bean coffee.

If any of this sounds good to you check out the cyber Monday offer at the top. They are offering 50% off subscriptions, unfortunately not gift subscription though! Which is a shame because this would make an awesome gift. They are also offering 20% off everything else. So for $10 you can try the one that I got.

This would be a great gift for a coworker, boss, hubby, friend, sister, brother, Ok I can stop- pretty much anyone who likes coffee would appreciate this!

I will either update this post when I taste it or I will just do a new post so stay tuned. . .

Happy Cyber Monday!