Gift Idea For a “Fishing Enthusiast”

by cstone412cs

ImageImageFreshwater and Saltwater Lures and Info Cards


Freshwater Fly


 Getting gifts for men, especially husbands, isn’t the easiest thing, at least for me it’s not. They always have the “if want it I will buy it” type attitude or “everything I want I already have”.

The 3 things my hubby really likes to do are: fish, golf, and anything Playstation. For Christmas I thought of getting him a Playstation 4 but I can’t find one anywhere and they are so expensive. If I got one it would be the only thing I got.

He is getting a little jealous that I get so much in the mail so when he heard that they have a fishing/lure box out there he said he wanted to try it.

Pictured above is the box from the people over at Fishing Enthusiast ( If you think this type of box would be good for a man in your life (dad, brother, friend, significant other), all orders placed by December 17th are said to arrive by Christmas! And if you don’t want it to start this month, there is an option to start in January.

They have a freshwater lure option, a saltwater lure option, and freshwater fly of the month. The lures that I have seen come with an info card and story about how they came to be. 

By far the best lure I have ever seen is the “Bomber Badonkadonk” LOL.

My guy is definitely just a freshwater guy. We go up to his uncles lake with the kiddos and have a day of fishing. My 7 year old usually is too loud and scares away all the fish.

Price options:

3 months for $53

6 months for $96

one year for $180

I like the 3 or 6 month option a lot since we live up in one of the colder states. He thought it was a great idea to get a subscription now and he could ‘collect’ the lures all winter and have enough good ones to start fishing next spring/summer.

They even have a blog where they feature their monthly lures and other posts at

Not only will this in time for Christmas (shipping usually is between the 15-20) but they are offering my readers a 10% discount.

Use “FishingBeauty” at checkout for 10% off any subscription!

What do you think- would this be good for any of the men in your life? I know a few that would love it!

So that’s one idea that I will be doing!

Christmas gift issues solved!