Have You Heard of Adore Me? Lingerie Subscription!

by cstone412cs


I found out about this site called Adore Me. It’s a new, or new to me, lingerie subscription service as well as regular website.

I consider it a subscription but it’s actually a VIP program. They charge you a monthly fee of $39 and give you a monthly showroom of gorgeous lingerie sets. You either pick the set you want or skip by the 5th to avoid the charge. Most of the set that they are selling go for $70 plus at Victorias Secret and they are comparable quality to Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

I just got my first set and I like it a lot, especially for $25!!!! I got panties and the lingerie piece plus got a nice bra for extra. They were and I believe they still are, offering first sets for $25 if you have a referral code.


That’s my link if you want to check it out.

I got mine for $25. I saw them on a blog giveaway and did some research and ordered my first set. Why not for $25?

They also have a coupon code right now for different amounts of money off different total purchase amounts.


There are the coupon codes…

Check out their corsets. They are amazingly beautiful!

They have some really cute” naughty or nice” lingerie sets like Mrs. Clause outfits.

They sell bras and plus sizes as well….so something for everyone.