Sale at Plum District for Gorjana and Griffin $30 for $60 worth of jewelry

by cstone412cs



Plum District is a website that offers different deals ever day. So far I have bought this Gorjana deal and I also bought 2 months to Bluum box and 6 months to Citrus Lane over half off.

I get daily emails from them so I can watch for deals for you guys but you don’t have to get emails if you don’t want. I highly suggest it though so you know all the great deals going on and don’t miss any!   if you would like to check out Plum District you can use my referral link if you would be so kind

I’m afraid that I have some unfortunate news… As if I already don’t neglect this blog enough my computer has died and it’s very hard to access wordpress from the iPad. I blog daily but on my facebook page so if you aren’t following me there I suggest doing so

i really hate posting here from ipad . It’s taking a good hour of frustrating typing and fixing autocorrect. So hopefully I can figure something out, otherwise I hope to see you on facebook.