Julep’s January Box is Live

by cstone412cs


January’s Color’s- Satin and Silk Finishes


My Selections- Modern Beauty Box with 3 Add-Ons

I’m sure if you’re one of my readers you have heard of Julep.  If not I will briefly tell you a little about them- don’t worry I will spare the non-important details.

$20 a month and you get a monthly box with either beauty/skin/nail product (modern beauty box), 3 polishes (it girl box), or 2 polishes and 1 product (classic with a twist, boho glam, and bombshell boxes).

The best part about Julep is that

you CAN SKIP any months that you don’t like


if you don’t like the monthly box that is picked for you from your beauty profile quiz, you can view and select any of the boxes.

I change mine every month.

On top of the $20 (actually $19.99 and free shipping always) you can select add-ons from the other boxes that you didn’t choose or they have special add-ons. They are all marked way down to like $4 a polish and around $10 per product.

I’ve gotten the last 4 boxes. I signed up in September, got October, November, December, and now January. I’m supposed to be getting some code for a free polish for getting 3 boxes in a row but I’ll have to call them probably.

Another “perk” is you accumulate “Jules” from your monthly box purchases and once you have a certain amount you can apply them toward your monthly box. I have 1500 and will be getting 300 more for this month. I think 2000 is a free box.

I’m not too impressed with the color selection this month. I do really like their satin finish though!  I bought Lola which is a navy, satin finish from November’s box and I am in love with it.  Silk is what I am assuming is another new finish. I will be getting one of those just to see what it does. Julep’s texture finish polishes have been awesome.

I will be getting the two lilac colors and the sandy pink- Noelle, Mae, and Farrah. Farrah is my favorite but a lot of the time they look different in person and on me. Some look better, some worse- some I thought I would hate now I love and vice-versa.

I’ll stop rambling now… Check out the January box. If you’re already a maven what will you be getting?

If not, I will leave my referral link and would be ever so grateful if you use mine to sign up.


They were, and I believe still are offering your first box free with code FREEBOX or there are a bunch of other codes. If FREEBOX doesn’t work there is FREEMAVEN or let me know and I will get you one that works! Sometimes it will cost about $1-2 depending on what code you use. Mine was absolutely free.

You do need credit card info though so they can bill you monthly on the 24th-27th area if you don’t skip that month. You literally can sign up, get your free box, then either call and cancel or keep skipping.

I’m sure you will fall in love and not skip as much as you’d like!