Nadine West- Newer Fashion and Accessories Box Review

by cstone412cs


The Package- Nadine West packages look a lot like Ipsy but that’s fine with me! Love these!


This was my whole package- Isn’t it cute! Thank you note and all!


This is the outfit with the jewelry that I received.


The earrings on me. So cute.


Just the accessories.

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Nadine West is a newer service that is FREE, yup, absolutely free.

It’s similar to other subscriptions and boxes in the sense that they have you fill out a style profile quiz/survey. After you make your style profile, they will send you a shirt or a dress with 2-3 pieces of jewelry every month.

You only are billed for what you keep.

So review time- 1) sign up and take the style quiz

2) Every month, you’ll receive a package with an outfit tailored to your personal style.

3) There is a two week time frame to keep the pieces before you are charged. Which is pretty awesome!

4) You won’t pay shipping and there are “no sneaky catches”. The only charges that you will encounter are for outfits/pieces kept over the 2-Week limit. Every item will have an associated price between $9.99-$29.99

The one thing that they do, is authorize the credit card that you provide for the amount of the items sent. You will not be charged if you don’t want any of it (it will show as pending until you decide what you want to do) or if you send it back within the two week period. If they didn’t charge some kind of cost, I’m sure people would just keep most of their stuff without paying!

When you get their package they send a card with the prices of all the items and directions on how to go about mailing back what you don’t want. They even send return labels with their address and yours put on the label, stickers to seal the envelope and return postage.

I got sent this package for review. I got a really cute and soft black tank with white lace back. I also got a small bag of jewelry with two pieces of jewelry in it. There was a dragonfly necklace that was long with a brassy color and a turquoise colored center. I also got really cute black “dangley” earrings.

I liked the look of the earrings and the shirt together a lot.. The dragonfly necklace kinda through me for a loop. Do you think it matches?  I think, once it’s put all together it looks OK, but I. personally, would have picked a different necklace. Once it’s all together it does look cute though.

What do you think? At least I definitely love the shirt and earrings!

Ok now for the real details about Nadine West subscription.

To sign up is free.

The actual costs are:

Red Bagged Items: $24.99

Purple Bagged Items: $17.99

Black Bagged Items: $9.99
Shirts: $13.49
Like I said they do ‘authorize’ your credit card for the amount of the items. You will never be charged for the actual amount/the pending charge will not go through unless you don’t return the items.
Here what they say on their site:
From Nadine West: “Short Answer: The Pending Charge will NOT apply to your account until the end of your two-week period is up (if you keep all/some of the items). It is only present to ensure you have enough funds on your card to cover the potential charge amount. At the end of the two week period, the reserved funds will vanish without capturing the amount on your card if you do not choose to keep items. This method is NOT charging and refunding an amount as the pending amount never pushes through as an actual charge.

The best part, besides the FREE and that you keep stuff for up to two weeks, is that you can SKIP months! As most of my reader’s know- I LOVE SUBS THAT LET YOU SKIP MONTHS!!

I’m so broke this month- and I can’t even tell you how many subs I just ‘lost’ because they wouldn’t let me skip a month… There was even one that I finally came up with the money for and they refused to let me keep my points that I had racked up! Lame. That’s another post in itself though!

If you want to skip or cancel just email

Their website is pretty easy

Their Facebook

They are pretty easy if you want to change your stuff around. Like, if you want just jewelry they will do it. If you want just more expensive things, they will do it, etc.

So I think that’s it…. I was on a roll with this post and then the baby woke up… now I am all lost lol.

What do you think? I would love to sign up for good but for now it must wait… sadly.

If I did miss any of your questions they do have an “about’ section and answer many questions, ones I didn’t even think of.