New Sales on 3 Subscription Boxes at Plum District

by cstone412cs


I put a pic of Citrus Lanes sale at the top.

Bottom pic is a screen shot of a few of the deals they have, including the Joybay swing car that I got.

News about sales on sub boxes!
Escape Monthly, Citrus Lane and Ecocentric Mom on sale at Plum District for about half off!
I love Plum District because they have a lot of deals on sub boxes and mom friendly products.
My invite code is at the bottom if you’re interested, if not please still read on about the deals, you may find one you really want!

Escape Monthly is $25 plus free shipping, which is 50% off its normal price. Escape
Monthly is said to bring the vacation to you, or a vacation in a box. I’ve never tried it but it looks really interesting. It’s usually $50 which is way too much for me but for $25 I may just try it out.

If you’re interested in Citrus Lane (which is for babies and kids, I believe ages birth to 5, not positive it’s just off the top of my head) I get Citrus Lane and I love it! Five products a month and all full size, usually one toy or two, baby care, and sometimes a product for me too.

Of you haven’t heard of or checked out Plum District yet, it’s a pretty cool website that has really great deals on different products usually for moms or families.
I just bought the kids a $90 cart/bike thingy called a Joybay original swing car, for $25 bc of their sales. I looked them up on YouTube and they look pretty fun and cool.
Here’s the link for citrus lane or you can use my referral link, which I’ll put at the bottom.
$48 for 3 months instead of $75ish and you can get extra money off by liking Plum District on Facebook.

Ecocentric Mom is $17 a box, half off the normal price of $24. It’s basically Citrus Lane but all organic so definitely worth a try in my opinion.

If you’d like to use my invite

I also found anot her really fun and cool (and probably dangerous!) app called Tophatter.

I heard it’s just for iPads or iPhones (but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on a regular tablet or smartphone but what do I know). It’s a free app at least.

if you try it out, you can use my code and get $5 credit toward a purchase.


Type that in where it says redeem code.

I love it. If I get a chance later, I want to do a full post about it. It’s like ebay but made into game form. And if you make a purchase and realize you can’t do it, there is an option to cancel it but they don’t advise doing it too many times.

They have a designer purses auction, a luxury makeup one, a bunch of jewelry ones, electronics, home decor. different days have different auctions. You can also sell stuff yourself! I love that, definitely going to try it.

I use the Coach purses auction and the makeup auction the most.

Check them out.  Let me know what you think.

I also want you guys to know that I don’t care if you use my referral link. I don’t tell you guys about things just to get referral clicks. Truth is I don’t get too many anyway!

I only tell you about things that I really believe in and have tried and liked.

I just want to make sure that you know that!