Beauty Sale at Victoria’s Secret and Blog News

by cstone412cs


So I just checked my email and wanted to let you guys know about these two cool deals.

The tote that you can get for $10 with any beauty purchase is quite cute and normally $40!

Then you get the amazing deal of the buy 2, get 2 FREE! I searched my area because it said select stores, and both the ones near my house were listed.

I have the link on the Facebook post

I also want to say that I know this month has been real slow so far for posts and giveaways BUT for anyone interested in organic and “good for you” makeup, I have some cool giveaways and reviews coming at the end of the month into February.

One of the companies was just featured on My Beauty Bunny, called Nouveau/Organica. The palette that’s available only until the end of this month is amazing! I went to their site and fell in love! The fact that they are good for you, gluten free, bad stuff free, etc. is awesome. I’ll have more info when I do my review post but wanted to let you in on the scoop for the upcoming events.

The link for the post on My Beauty Bunny is

Check out that palette! She’s totally right when she says it reminds her of an artists/painter’s palette!

She also has a code for 30% off but it’s only good for a few more days. I think.

Im excited, I hope you guys are!

Stay tuned…