Free Mirenesse Makeup

by cstone412cs


This is the email I got.

I wanted to share this with you.

I want to try the 2 concealers and the crystal lipgloss. For two things it was $17 or 3 things for around $27. I don’t actually need any of this and I’m pretty tight on money right now, so unfortunately no “free” makeup for me.

Each item has a different shipping cost. The costs I saw were between $5-10.

Their products are around $20-$35 plus the shipping. If you’re a VIP you get free shipping, but to my knowledge being a VIP is $160 a year.

While I was on their site, I saw that they have a monthly “Glam Box” filled with makeup. If you’re a VIP you can get it for $20 but if you’re not it’s $80. I am going to look into being a VIP. I saw under the free trial area that there was a free VIP month. It looked like it said do not add to cart so I don’t know how I could go about paying for it. And when I did add it to my cart it came up as the full price….

I wish I had the extra money to do this! most of the expensive stuff is sold out but there is a lot of lipgloss and eyeshadows left.

Here is the actual link just in case