Mirenesse Makeup Surprise! More Great Deals!

by cstone412cs



                        ^This is the VIP that you can add to your bag and save on shipping! It will have instructions on how to do it.

  So the other day I wrote a post about fee Mirenesse makeup for everyone to try. Well, this morning I got an email saying that for Australia Day Andrew has a Mega Mirenesee surprise.

So obviously I checked it out….

They have a few really cool packages all for $15.95….

They have Andrews Skin Saviours- 3 full size skin care suprises

Andrew’s Exotic Makup Mistresses- 3 full size makeup surprizes *limit 2 per customer. I bought one of these!

Andrew’s Favourite Beauty Calls- 3 full size Favourite eyes and lips *I might end up buying this one too.

And for $49.95 they have Andrew’s Mega Mirenesee Surprise- which is 7 best of makeup and skincare.

    I really wanted to buy that one but my limit was like twenty bux.

So at first I had put the Exotic Makeup Mistresses and the Favourite Beauty Calls in my cart but with the shipping it was like $37.

So then I had a brilliant idea-  I put the VIP trial membership in my cart (which was $1 and saved me $9 shipping!

So I ened up getting the Exotic Makeup MIstresses (3 full size makeup surprises) plus $1 VIP…. It came to like $16 and change with free shipping because of the VIP!

So if I decide to go back and get the “Favourite Beauty Calls” for $15.95 (which is eyes and lips, and I really want to try their lip gloss!) it will be with free shipping and if you use code M10, it takes off ten percent!

I might just go ahead and do it… I haven’t decided.

There’s a bunch of other things on there like makeup kits with mascara, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipgloss all for $40-50. You’d have to see it and see what you’d like but there are a ton of choices.

Here is the link that will take you there


Like I said if you want to save on shipping- just look up the VIP and you can add it to your card for $1!!!