Lola Minx- Beautiful Dresses Plus Huge Reader Discount! (50% off Anyone?!)

by cstone412cs


This is Josie- I won her!!!


Chloe- in white or black- white was seen on Megan Miller (American Idol) with black blazer-

see below photo-


This is one of the dresses I’m thinking about getting but then I saw this one and totally fell in love…


OMG- HELLO Audrey! Look at the BEAUTIFUL cuffs on this dress! I need to have her!


This I would love to pull off but only if I was shaped like the model- But I wanted you guys to see how many options of beautiful dresses they have!


If you liked Josie- then you will most likely adore Madison! And with 4 colors to choose from, there is something for everyone!

  My love, and now borderline obsession, for Lola Minx started about a month ago when I was reading a blog post from “To Be Bright”…. The post was called something like “The Year of the #Selfie”. In this post she also had a giveaway of the Josie dress that she was seen wearing in her #Selfie pic. I loved the dress!! (Needless to say, I entered the giveaway!)

One of the entries was to “like Lola Minx on Facebook”- which I try not to like random companies just for giveaway purposes- UNLESS I actually like the company. So I scrolled through their Facebook page only to fall in love with this brand!! They have amazing dresses! And their story is so cool!

It’s a new company formed by two best friends- Stephanie and Erika who have a love (and an eye) for fashion! How cool is that!? They are living the dream! (Well, my dream anyway!) (Wish I could be the third bestie!)

And some cool news for me—

I won the giveaway! I won the Josie dress!!! I am so happy!

And I have great news for you gals-—- Readers of Budget Beauty can get 50% off of any of their dresses! Their pricing should be up on the website shortly. Their dresses are in the $100-$150 range, so after your AMAZING 50% DISCOUNT– you will get a beauty of a dress for $50! Or basically buy two for the price of one (example= 2x$100 dresses for $100)! That is a steal!

Since their prices are not currently up, I have been told to let you guys know that if you go to

Find the dress or dresses you want (trust me, it won’t be easy picking just one!)

After you select your dress, message the Lola Minx Facebook page

saying that you’re a reader of Budget Beauty and you want the “Audrey” dress with the 50% reader discount. (Obviously, you enter whatever dress you want, “Audrey” was just an example).

Like I said, their prices aren’t up yet but will be shortly. So if you’d like you can wait until they are posted to purchase. But with the 50% they will be in the $50-$75 range per dress, so it’s really not that bad!
At first I really wanted Chloe. especially after seeing it on Megan Miller with the blazer but now that I saw Audrey—- I NEED HER TOO!… Chloe is probably something I could wear everyday especially if I threw on a blazer…. But the detailing in Audrey is so beautiful!!! But I could not pull off wearing Audrey unless a date or special occasion… So I guess I will be getting Chloe instead… and I can’t decide if I should get a black Chloe or do the look that Megan Miller did *(the white with the black blazer….) I don’t really look good in white so I am thinking black…. but then wouldn’t a black blazer look odd? What do you think I should do?

If you would like to see To Be Bright’s original post, you can do so here:

She has some awesome pics up of her in the Josie dress. You can see how gorgeous and well made Lola Minx dresses are!

I can’t wait to get mine-

I will be sure to do a review and a reminder post of the discount when I do!