Orglamix Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

by cstone412cs

Image~Beautifully Packaged with Info Card~


~From L to R- Honeymoon Sweet *my favorite, Pomegranate, and Solar~


Another view of Honeymoon Sweet, Pomegranate, and Solar.


I wanted to try and capture how it looked at different angles and light.

These are all under my dining room light.

A few weeks ago I was looking around the internet at “organic” makeup search items when I found a company called Orglamix.

They were having a Pinterest contest so I entered and I saw some beautiful pictures of their eyeshadows.  My new ‘thing’ is wanting to try to put what is best into my body and at the same time try to shy away from any companies that participate in animal testing. I wear makeup a lot, so why would I want to put something harmful into my body or on my skin almost everyday? I don’t want to look pretty but I also don’t want chemicals!

Just because you go organic doesn’t mean you have to ‘settle’ especially nowadays with everyone wanting organic!

Orglamix is made from mineral powders. They have classic neutrals to ‘hottest hues’ with over 150 shades to choose. “These 100% pure mineral pigments deliver gorgeous, smudge proof, crease free and water-resistant color in one stroke.”

The card says to:

Apply dry for a natural glow, wet for more intensity or mix together with other products to customize colors you desire.

I first tried to apply to my hand with no primer or anything. It went on easy and very bright. I used my finger to apply. Then I took the eyeshadow brush to try to get some more on… when I touched the brush to the makeup that was already there it ‘shaded’ it everywhere so now the colors weren’t so bright and it was more just a sparkly sheen with some color.

So I knew that wouldn’t work for the photos I wanted to take. It looked pretty. I read the card after so now I know that for the ‘natural glow’ look to apply dry with a eyeshadow brush.

But if you don’t want the natural glow look and you want a more ‘POP’ of color you will need some primer and your finger or a eyeshadow sponge applicator. You know the ones that come with like Cover Girl or Revlon eyeshadows?

Once I put the primer on (I couldn’t find my Urban Decay so I used Milani) everything was fine (it was also fine before but I needed more color for the photos).

As you can see they were super pigmented and bright and sheer without being sparkly.

I LOVE the Honeymoon Sweet! The Pomegranate was beautiful too but not for my eyes. Although now that it rubbed off some, maybe a little less would look great! I will have to try it and see. The Solar was a little yellowy at first but again now that’s it’s been about an hour looks awesome. I think I am going to take a picture of what it looks like after it’s been on a little while because I think it looks better now.

I was so concerned with getting the colors bright for the photos but now that they have sunk in and ‘smudged’ around a little they look even more beautiful!

I do wish they had some colors that weren’t as ‘sheer’ and more matte looking… From the pictures I saw I think they do but the three that I got are all very sheer.

What do you think?

Check them out on Facebook or Pinterest.

Their Facebook is

Check out all the photos of their eyeshadows and pictures of makeup done with them! They are beautiful! I could have ‘pinned’ forever!

If you want to check out my Pinterest you can see my Orglamix board.

What do you think?

Do you try to use organic makeup?

Coming very shortly will be another review and Giveaway with some more awesome organic makeup…

  These first two pics are taken near my living room light and after I’ve had them on my hand about an hour… Just so you can see what they look like more blended and in more light.

The bottom pic is after I’ve had on a while but in bright light 2(3) photo 3(2) photo 1(3)