Have You Heard of Rootflage- It’s The Best Idea EVER!

by cstone412cs


One of the first blog posts and giveaways I ever entered or read were for something called Rootflage.

Have you heard of it? Have you tried it?

If you are not a ‘natural’ blonde and your answer was no, you really need to try it!

I’ve been highlighting or dying my hair since before high school.

I’m not the best at keeping up with my roots either…

Rootflage, as it’s name suggests, is Camoflage for Roots.

And better yet, it actually works!

One problem that I have a lot is turning brassy. Nevermind roots, right above my roots I get a layer of orange brass. Not all the time, usually just when the hairdresser messes up the bleach or dye.

I HATE brassy hair…

But I found a ‘cure’!

I got my hair dyed right before Christmas and she did a pretty good job but I was a little brassy.

I used my Rootflage on it and Boom!

No more brass!

So now not only do I use this stuff on roots when I need a dye job but on the brass after a dye job!

this stuff really is the best!

Think of all the money you can save if you can put off dying for a few weeks every time you need it.

I really wish I had this stuff about ten years ago when I used to dye my hair myself and was really brassy all the time.

What exactly is Rootflage?

Basically, it’s mineral makeup powder for your hair.

I won 3 bottles in September. She sells Cool, Light Blonde, and Warm Blonde. I wasn’t sure which one to try so I got one of each.

I liked the cool and light the best. The warm wasn’t light enough for me.

I still have about half of each 10g bottle left!

You can check out their site at


I believe it costs $25 a bottle but there are a couple coupon codes you can earn by liking their Facebook page.

She just updated her bottle design and it looks even more amazing!

When I first got my bottles I was so amazed that I did one of my first posts about it. I have a lot of new readers and I just got 2 new bottles (with the new design) so I am writing a new one for those who didn’t read the first one.

Rootflage also has a YouTube channel with a few cool videos where you can watch her apply the product to her own hair and voila! No more roots right in front of your eyes!

I’m having a hard time pasting the link from the iPad so you would have to search Awesomesaucehair on YouTube.

Today I do not have pics of it in my hair but I will promise to do make hair this week with it and post!

I have a 10 month old so blow drying rarely happens and you cant see the full effect when my hair is pulled back.

I’d like you too see some pics of it in action now so if you’d like, you can check out one of my first reviews/posts.


photo(24)Before *Yes I know I REALLY need a dye job*!

photo(26)After  Rootflage!

I know these pics aren’t the best. They’re from November 13, but I wanted to try to show you how well it works!