Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Review #PowerOfPlants

by cstone412cs



So I got my 2nd Influenster voxbox, the J’adore voxbox. One of the items inside was the Boots Botanics ionic clay mask. i love trying new masks so I was excited to try it!  I was wondering if this Boots was the same Boots as Boots no.7… I still haven’t found the answer. I’m pretty sure it is though because I saw the no.7 on the Influenster site. Anyway…

I should be getting a 20% off discount code to share with you very soon. I will add here and post to Facebook when I do.

I usually do masks on Saturday nights and I do them with my 8 year old as a “Mommy/Daughter” thing. She loves masks as much as I do.

This mask says it actively removes impurities and deeply cleanses. I liked the sound of that because lately my pores have been having some clogging issues and my chin and t-zone look not so great

It also says that oceanic minerals help draw out deep-rooted impurities and oil without over drying. Again, just what I need. My skin isn’t really oily but the makeup I wear has a tendency to clog my pores.

This mask made our skin so soft! I couldn’t really tell if it unblocked my pores. They did look better but not to ally clear.

I have skin that tends to break out especially when trying new makeup or products even cleansers! The sides of my chin and in between my eyebrows are the worst spots. I have had good luck with products that have salisylic acid. (I even tried Proactiv but that has benzoyl peroxide and my skin doesn’t do well with that, I have learned.) This mask has willowbark extract which they said is a natural source of salisylic acid so I wasn’t scared that I would break out. But I did! About a day later I started getting two painful pimples right under my lip on my chin! Augh! And the more the day went on they got bigger, depper and more painful. I wasn’t sure if it was from the mask or because the mask drew out the dirt and actually unclogged my pores…if any of you think you know the answer please let me know!

So besides the two pimples I had no issues with this mask. It was very “clay” like and I think I used a little too much! It felt really cool when it stiffened up on my face! If I had used a little less it probably would’ve friend a little quicker and came off easier.

Directions on the package: Apply to cleansed skin. Smooth a generous layer of mask over the face and neck avoiding eyes. Leave for 10 minutes. Wipe away excess with tissues  and rinse with warm water. Use weekly.

What I suggest: wash your face, smooth mask over your face starting with your T-zone either forehead or chin first. Don’t use too much! Also, if you’re going to put some on your neck area make sure you can lay your head back until it dries or it will smudge and feel awkward. Then leave for over the 10 minutes, more like 20. Then really wet a facecloth with warm water and start wiping off in just a few swipes. I fold the facecloth in half and in half again so I can use a new, clean side every time. Then, just to make sure you rinsed well enough either take another cloth or fill cupped hands with water and rinse one more time. i had to do it a couple times because I could still feel a clay residue or something.

I probably will use it one more time just to see what happens. I’ll be sure to update you when I do! I did really like how soft it made my skin but I really disliked how it made me break out. Other than that it really wasn’t that extraordinary. I kind of liked the red clay mask that I got in my last voxbox from Montagne Jeneusse (however you spell it).

Do you think I reacted to the mask? Or do you think it was actually clearing out my pores and that’s why I got the zits? I don’t know enough about skin and pores to know so I’d appreciate your feedback!

(Disclaimer:  I received one or more products from Influenster for free in exchange for my honest opinion.)