Mirenesse VIP Membership and Box Info

by cstone412cs


It was in a padded envelop and then a plastic bag like this.

  In January I had posted about Mirenesse having an awesome sale and they also had a ‘free’ trial for their VIP membership. I paid $1 and it was for 30 days of the membership. I did it because I wanted the free shipping and the huge discounts on the products on the site. And it was $1… so why not.

So I apparently forgot to cancel the darn thing… which I didn’t even realize I had to do and my credit card ended up getting charged the equivalent to Australian $25 (it was like $23.50 ish). I was pissed because I am so broke right now and really do NOT need more makeup! So I wrote to them saying I had no idea the $1 would lead to the charge and please stop it etc. They refused. I was not happy.

The only reason I guess this worked out in some small way was because when you are a VIP, every other month they send out a VIP ‘box’ with new makeup in it and it’s value at $150. I was not as mad anymore because now I can show you what they give. Also, you don’t lose your money it goes into your account.

The only downside to it is instead of just being about to use it toward anything you have to use it that month and you have to use it on a purchase of $60 or more! That’s kind of bad for me because I don’t have another $45 to spend just to get my $23 back!

They also have Monthly boxes that you can order that are $25.99 Australian. You can pick your box for skin care, makeup, or mixed.

photo(14)The items were packed separately like this.

What I got:

(All prices in Australian currency)

Glossy Kiss- Perfect Kiss- $26.96/$21.56/on sale for $11 currently

Touch on Concealer- Golden Cream-$26.55/$12.24

BB Pore Powder- $35/$28

Cheeky Blush- 2. Russian Rose- $26.96/$21.57

I got $115.97 for a total and that’s not on sale.

They told me it was going to be worth up to $160… and after I count the sale prices it goes down even more.


I am actually really happy with the products I got- everything but the color of lipstick. If I get one more RED lip crayon I’m going to scream!!! I do not look good in red or certain pinks… why do I keep getting the wrong colors! AUGH.

On a happier note- the BB pore perfecting powder I wanted to buy anyway but couldn’t because I was broke and I got it in this so I was happy. However there was another powder that I wanted to try more but now if I get extra money I can just buy that one. The one I got is Studio Magic BB Pore Powder 5.5g- it’s on their site for $35/$28 for VIPs (keep in mind I am listing Australian money, ours is less money). The one I wanted a little more was the Studio Magic Face Blur Powder 5.5g- which is said to leave skin looking airbrushed. I really can’t tell a difference between the two on the site… They both kind of do the same thing but the one I got also gets rid of redness and seals makeup.

I also got blush and a SWEET concealer! Again, I wanted to try the concealer and was ‘this close’ to buying it when it went dirt cheap on sale but hesitated. Again, I”m glad I did. I tried the concealer and liked it a lot. I had some killer dark circles today and it really lightened them up! I don’t think it’s the exact right color for me but it still worked well and it’s close enough.

What do you think? I’m glad but not at the same time. I am glad I got to share it with you…