Kiss Lashes and Me

by cstone412cs

i got some nice falsies in my Jadore Voxvox from Influenster. I love the way fake lashes look! BUT I suck at putting them on! I can always get one on real good then the 2nd one ends up crooked or just messed up in some way. And I always have an issue with the question of do I put makeup on before, after or before then touch up after.

How about I tell you how I do it and you can tell me where I’m going wrong or if I’m being too picky.

I also really stink at gel or marker type eyeliners… So it’s no surprise that I don’t usually wear it. But sometimes when wearing falsies, gel eyeliner is best. I start with either a line of gel eyeliner or pencil. I do usually trim the lashes to fit my eye length as well. I also learned in hair school/beauty school that it’s usually beneficial to apply the glue to the lash and then wait til the glue becomes tacky.

now here’s where I have issues…

I wait til the lash becomes tacky. Then I put it up to my eye and try to put it on right near my natural lash line working from the outer corner to the inner corner. Sometimes it comes out great in one or two shots. Sometimes it comes out crooked, no matter how hard I try. Then my problem is getting the glue off and reapplying etc. It doesn’t sound too problematic but it is.

thats pretty much all I do. THEN if I have to, I fix my eyeliner and finish my makeup.

So how do you apply your fake lashes? Do you ever have issues?