The Joys of Influenster- #JadoreVoxbox and More

by cstone412cs


A few weeks ago I got my 2nd Influenster Voxbox. The first one ingot was around October called the violet voxbox. This one was called the J’adore voxbox and was Amazing! I liked the first one but this one was seriously picked just for me! It was the best valentine I got!

The box contained in order of awesomeness: Hershey’s Kisses family bag, John Frieda 3 day straight, Boots Botanics Clay Mask, and Kiss Lashes. I loved the whole box. I blogged separately about the lashes and the mask. I did enjoy the mask even though it made me break out on my chin. I haven’t gotten to use it again but I am going to try. I break out in that spot a lot anyway But this breakout was deep and hurt badly.

The Hershey’s was my favorite because I’m a piggy and who can’t resist those kisses? I even ate pretty much the whole bag by myself in like two to three days tops! Whoops!

The John Frieda was awesome but I have yet to use it on myself, yes, I did use it but it wasn’t on my hair. I am a Mommy to a VERY active 10 month old that was crawling at five months and is almost walking now. So it’s sometimes hard for me to even shower nevermind blow out my hair! I don’t get much help from the Hubs because he is the one who works and it’s an odd shift…. Back the the product info-  It’s actually a spray and worked pretty well. It’s going to be great for my hair because it didn’t seem too thick. I have super fine curly/wavy hair. most straighter gels are too sticky and thick for me but not this one.

Other Influensters had gotten a Vaseline spray lotion for men. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I had really wanted that for my Hubs and even for me to try. Oh well, better luck next time!

I have completed all but 2 tasks for the badges that go with the box. And I have even completed all the secondary brand badges! I got an email saying that I will be getting a special kit from Kiss with lashes and I think polish And eyelash glue.

Speaking of prizes… I got my mail today and holy cow was I surprised! There was a bright pink Influenster box and it was big. Too big to be my Kiss prize I thought.

It was a Sally Hansen salon gel polish kit with led light,it also came with three extra polishes- Xtreme wear in teal, Insta-dry in a reddish pink, and a salon manicure in hot pink. Plus, a salon effects polish strips in French manicure. Plus, an extra color for the led kit!that color is grieve and looks awesome! The question is why the heck did I get it? I had gotten a Sally Hansen quick dry polish in the Violet Voxbox so I must’ve won a top bade holder prizes! But I never got any notifications… Oh well! I’m psyched! I wanted to try this type of kit for a while but didn’t have the money to do it. So thanks Influenster!!

photo(21)My new Sally Hansen Kit and extras!

I’m in the top like 10% for finishing my badges so hopefully my next box will be soon! I’ll keep you updated with any prizes that I get.

Are you an Influenster? I have two invites left. I love it. I see so many people complain that they don’t get a box and blah blah. But you do have to work for it usually. Do the reviews. Connect your social media. Then you will probably get chosen if you stay active.

Have a great weekend! And the Giveaway for the NeoCell should be up tonight but hopefully at least by the morning/tomorrow early afternoon! It will be up by Saturday night!