Adore Me Lingerie~ Huge Discount code! ENDS TONIGHT!!! First set for $10-$20!

by cstone412cs

Adore Me (which I have done a post about before) is a lingerie “service” that is like ShoeMint or StyleMint or JustFab- They give you a showroom every month and if you don’t want it, you can skip it. They even have plus sizes!

Your first set it $39.99 (unless you skip the VIP option then it’s $49.99) for a bra and for a thong/undies or for a pajama set (pants and a top). You can also get lingerie, corsets, nightgowns, robes, etc.!(Actually, once a month they do sets for $25 so watch out for those if you are interested!)

But right now they are offering a full set for $20!!! That is the lowest I have ever seen it and it is on anything not just select merchandise.

I really wanted this pajama set called Marcella but they are all sold out for now (except in Small). The customer service rep said they should get more in…. we shall see.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that right now instead of paying the $39 you can pay $20 for your first full set! I wanted to get Marcella but now it’s looking like I’ll get one of the pushup/add 2 sizes bras/pantie sets.(Athena, Psyche, and Gregoria are the three bra sets that I would LOVE= and Hebe!)

The code should automatically add at checkout but if it doesn’t the code is REVEAL20!!!

Or if you want to try Adore Me for even less- like $9.95- you can get your first set from one of these collections– The “first set $9.95 collection” and it’s still Free Shipping both ways! After you go to the try for $9.95 collection (link below) use code TRYFOR10

(not sure why you need a code if you are already in the section of $9.95 lingerie)

There’s still some really cute lingerie pieces and a few bras but I need the ones that add cups.

So I am really tempted to get Marcella in Small (which I was told that specific one runs big but that I would be a medium) and hope that it fits. Or at least I would get the sale price and then switch it for the right size when it comes it. But the CS couldn’t promise that it would come in.

So now I’m thinking I’ll just get a bra set.

What about you guys? Will you be getting anything? This $20 sale is the lowest I have ever seen them go. So now is the time to act!

if you’re thinking of trying them out please be ever so kind and use my referral link

Their stuff is gorgeous and I think they are quite comparable to Vicki’s and Fredrick’s of Hollywood.