Budget Beauties Check Out Caralase for Your Summer Wardrobe! Item Review and Reader Giveaway!

by cstone412cs


As you know I am a SAHM.  My Fiance is the only source of income besides me selling things on Ebay. It’s fun but it barely takes care of my shopping obsession and doesn’t go toward bills at all. I have very limited funds for clothing so I need to make sure I am getting the most for my money. I search (I like the term ‘scour’) the web and other fashion/beauty blogs for deals and sites and boutiques that are affordable yet good quality *usually that’s an oxymoron.  When I find one I really love I always share it with you–Well I found one!


Their Facebook is


They have tops, tunics, short dresses, maxi dresses, leggings- everything that we need! They even carry accessories. And not only is the stuff feminine and cute but it’s so affordable (the most expensive dress is $30).  I have found that affordable clothes don’t last as long as others. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case with their clothing. I have worn my dress three times now and can’t even tell that it’s been worn once. The material is holding up great and so is the shape.

I got to pick an item from Caralase to review. That was a task! It took me a good two hours or more to decide on one because I would buy the whole place!  I ended up getting the Strap Belted Maxi- on their site it goes for $25.  It goes on similar sites for $49.  I don’t know about you but I’d rather get two dresses with my $50.  (If you are in my blogging group on Facebook you probably saw my post the other day when I was freaking out about how to take pictures of a dress without actually being in the picture…. It was about this particular maxi dress.) The dress itself if awesome- great quality, fits great, feels great. The problem is me and my post baby body. I’m sure there’s really nothing wrong with the pictures but I hate how some of my fashion pictures come out. I just feel flabby still.  I decided, for now, to use Caralase’s pictures from their site. (Sorry to disappoint some of you ladies from my group! I had to have the post up and my Hubby hasn’t been home to help me take the pictures. I do plan on taking some of me for another post.)

caralase2Styled with Cardigan

I styled the dress two ways (spring and summer)- Spring- I use a darker wash jean jacket and cork wedge sandals (could also use ballet flats if you don’t want heels). When it gets warmer I will not wear the jacket, I’ll just wear some type of summery shoe and throw on a necklace. I could also throw on a drapey cardigan or one of those new drapey sleeveless vests.

One thing I LOVE about this maxi is that the belt comes with the dress! One of the reasons I have trouble putting together fashion posts is because I have trouble putting outfits together from start to finish with the accessories, shoes, etc. This makes it easy for you- it comes with the accessory.  Now all I have to do is add the shoes, which I have plenty of! (My real issue isn’t styling dresses. It’s styling ‘outfits’ like the top, pants, etc. That’s why I usually just throw on a dress in the summer!)

I really love so many of their tunics and maxi’s. I will definitely be buying a few. I love the printed maxi- that is the one that is the most expensive at $30. Isn’t it gorgeous? It comes in this hot pink and a teal.


If you’re like me then you want something that can be worn in the spring, transition to summer and hopefully even transition into other seasons. Their clothing can do just that. They have everything from tees and tops that you can wear everyday to the dresses that you saw here that can be dressed up or worn daily.

They have sizes small to XL in most items. I was a large in the particular dress. The girl said this one ran a little smaller than  most.

So are you ready for your challenge?  Caralase said they are willing to give one of my readers any one item of their choice! Isn’t that fabulous? Now you can have your very own new Spring and Summer piece (that can be used well into fall even).

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****All images in this post are taken from http://www.caralase.com