Ideas to Grow Your Makeup Collection if You’re Strapped for Cash

by cstone412cs

I’m on a pretty tight budget since I’m a SAHM, as you all know. I do a few things to keep my makeup ‘collection’ growing and they usually cost under $15. I can give you a few tips that I have learned over the last year or so.
The biggest thing I have learned is shop on ebay. Don’t pounce on the first ‘cheap’ thing that you see either- research it, look around/see who else is selling and their price. Factor in if the person is doing free shipping with a higher price or if you pay shipping but it’s a lower price total. Usually just because it says ‘free shipping’ that just means the shipping is worked into the list price.

Another thing you can do if  you don’t have too much money to be shopping around is join a swap group on Facebook. I belong to many makeup and product swap groups on Facebook. Some people may have what you want for really cheap or they may even want something you have. If you have something they want and vice versa, then you guys can swap and only pay to ship your items. You both end up happy *usually. If you do end up swapping with someone you don’t know- always get a tracking number! And give them a tracking number to protect yourself as well.  It’s pretty easy (and fun) to make a Pinterest board of things that you have to swap/sell or things that you want. If you join one of these groups you can just give the group a link to your Pinterest board.  If you have nothing to swap but want something from someone, most people will be fine with offering you a price. Make sure to ask if the product is new or used or swatched! Most people swatch items but say they are new. If you are picky about that sort of thing you might want to only buy sealed items.

I also have learned that if you only have a few dollars but want a few new makeup items a month you can buy a monthly subscription to Ipsy, Starbox, Birchbox, and there’s many more. Ipsy and Birchbox are $10/month, Starbox is $17.50, Julep is $20. But for a very small amount of money you get usually 3-5 full sized items. You will need a credit card or prepaid credit card though to be billed monthly. Here’s where the swap groups come in handy again- once you build up a small collection from getting your monthly boxes you can swap more in these groups. And if you are one of the lucky few who gets higher end full sized products that you don’t want you can sell them on ebay! With the money you make from the sale you can buy whatever makeup or items you want!

You can also sign up for different places like Influenster, BzzAgent, and there are a few more. I have gotten many full sized makeup products from Influenster and I love being part of their little club. You have to do reviews in exchange for the free stuff but it’s so worth it IMO.

If you really love makeup and are good at selling stuff, you could go to work for a company like Mary Kay or Avon. You get discounted products, commission, and paid to do what you love. You can even sell your products on ebay *I believe- Here is some Mary Kay loose powder that does the same things as higher end powders but you can get it thru Mary Kay (and on ebay) for way cheaper than other high end products-
These are my top three easiest tips. This last tip is a little harder and takes A LOT of effort but it’s really worth it- Start a beauty blog! If you love makeup and know a lot about it, why not start telling people what you know about it? You can get trial size or full sized products from some companies to review on your blog as well. Although, I would not start a blog just to get free makeup it does lead to free makeup eventually.
Obviously there are more obvious ways to getting makeup into your life like couponing, watching sales, yard sales/flea markets, etc. I just wanted to share some ways that I have learned by blogging over the last few months.

Have you done any of these? Have you tried any others that I didn’t list?

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