6 Killer Shoes to Rock This Summer

by cstone412cs

Thought this was a super cool post!

alex à la mode

Alright, so the first official day of summer (June 21st) is rapidly approaching and FINALLY the weather is starting to follow suit. It’s still kind of chilly here in Paris, but I can’t stop checking the weather at home and daydreaming about all the crazy fun summer activities I’m going to partake in (well, in between my summer classes of course. You’re welcome, dad)!!

Yesterday I finally purchased an ENO hammock so I can pretend to be outdoorsy and adventurous (we’ll see if I can even figure out how to set the thing up…) plus the #mcm and I are already planning our first kayaking trip (we’ll see if he can get me into the kayak…it’s debatable). So all of this has got me naturally thinking: what the heck am I going to wear on my feet?! Wait, is that not the first thing you think of? Whatever, I can’t…

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