Obsessed with Contests

by cstone412cs

I have entered a few contests lately and I will share them with you= Mostly in hopes that you will vote for me but also so if you want to enter, you can.

The first and most important one to me is the one from Fabletics.

The link to vote for me is here-


once there you must like Fabletics *which is workout clothing line sponsored by Kate Hudson. If you like at a later date you can  unlike them. They don’t clutter up my fb feed so I don’t mind them. Anyway, after you like them you have to hit ‘vote’. I think a lot of my friends hit like and not vote. hit both if you want. It says I have something like 78 likes on my pic  but only 21 votes…. so that stinks. The most votes I have seen is like 80-100 so I’m really losing lol. So please help! Also this is a daily voting contest. so you can do it once to help or if you really love me you can do it daily. Also, another thing that you must do is they ask you to allow to post to your wall.  you must hit yes othewise it wont let you vote for me. All they post to your wall is that you voted for me *or whomever else you choose to vote for. You can also undo this at a later date. And thanks in advance for your help!

If you enter, let me know and I will return the favor.

The next one that I would like your help for and like you to enter yourself is the IT Cosmetics #ItsGotYouCovered contest. You can enter on Ig or FB. All you have to do is post a pic of you wearing your It cosmetics and share with the hashtage #itsgotyoucovered why It cosmetics is great for you. I have a lot of votes on this one but I would love to be one of the finalists picked to win a grand prize! I have 34 votes currently but more is always better 🙂

I believe this link will take you to my pic. it is of me and my baby 🙂 who just had her first  bday today 🙂 but she has a double ear infection so it wasn’t a very happy few days.


again, if you enter let me know and I will return the favor. If you want more info just to go their FB page.

And check out my birchbox post bc that offer ends 5-26