Valleau Apparel Photos, Review, and a Giveaway for You!

by cstone412cs

As you know I have been trying to lose like 40 pounds through diet and exercise. I mostly power-walk with the stroller but there are days when I jog. I have 2 Fabletics outfits and I love the 2 pairs of pants that I have. But both bras that I got from them, well, sucked. One was padded (which I am really small chested so I love padded bras) but the cups were in an odd position for me so that got returned. The 2nd bra that goes with my black/red stripe pants that you see me in a lot is OK but lacks in support and makes me bounce when I am running. It is more of a low impact bra.

Anyway, if you’re looking for GREAT sports bras let me tell you about Valleau Apparel. They don’t just have bras, either, they have pants and tank tops and a few other things.  All the colors and designs are so cute and amazing too. There are many styles to choose from and I will show a few pics so you get the idea. All pictures that I provide that are not of me, are from the Valleau Apparel site with their permission.

Here are a few pics of their gorgeous bras-

MERMAID-BLUE-2TThe Mermaid (back view)

FIREWORK-1Firework (back view)

NATALIE-PURPLE-2TCute Pants- Many colors to choose from


They just started a line of workout headbands as well!


First of all,  the company was founded by Katie Valleau- who’s that you say (or maybe you know)- she’s an NCAA gymnast. So she knows what it’s like to want her ‘girls’ in the right places at the right times and she knows that having the right support makes your workout (and life) so much easier!  She designs each bra with it’s own ‘story’ and uniqueness, probably making them the most unique bras on the market.  And wait till you see the backs on these babies! So gorgeous! The detail is amazing. Not only is the detail and design amazing but the fabric is awesome. I only walk and jog but I do get pretty sweaty and these felt like they help absorb a lot and keep me from dripping.

photo(2)Me in the Valleau Apparel Starfish Bra

STARFISH-BLACK-MINT-3TWhat a Model Looks Like In the Starfish 🙂

Speaking of fabric- I mentioned that I like cups in my bras. The only ‘downside’ currently of Valleau is that they don’t offer cups in their bras- Yet. I’m sure she is working on it! But the bras are double lined. And since they’re double lined, I don’t feel so ‘exposed’ and I feel it gives a little extra padding without the padding. Does that make any sense?  And since they are double lined it also definitely helps support the ‘girls’. I am usually a 36B (ish) and range from a medium to large depending on the brand. (I was a large in Fabletics). I was going to order a Medium but I was told that they run a little on the tight side so I got a large. The large fit pretty good but still gave me some armpit fat (but that’s not their fault. Once, I lose some weight I’m sure it will be fine!). I would say I would try an XL but I’m pretty sure it would be way to big and then not give me any support or cleavage.

So what have we covered- cups, support, fabric, details- oh and all the colors are so cute and amazing too. And their are a lot of styles to choose from and I will show a few pics so you get the idea. All pictures that I provide that are not of me, are from the Valleau Apparel site with their permission.

Speaking of pictures- I chose to finally take the TERRIFYING plunge and actually take a picture of me in the Valleau bra and post it on the blog! EEEEK. Sorry, if it hurts your eyes but I wanted to show you guys that I did wear the bra and how it fit. Unfortunately, I did not have anyone around to help me take a pic of the gorgeous back of the bra  but I will also provide that pic from their site.

photo(3)Me in Starfish Bra

STARFISH-BLACK-MINT-2TModel showing gorgeous back of Starfish Bra

I chose to get the black and teal “Starfish” bra. I wear A LOT of black and teal is my FAVORITE color EVER. So that was a given. Although, I did have to think twice because they do have the same bra in the ‘color of the year- Radiant Orchid’. But I knew the black would match with more.

STARFISH-ORCHID-1Radiant Orchid- Starfish Bra

Not only do they have the ‘regular’ bra collection, they have a “Sexy” collection as well. Sexy collection meaning it’s more low cut in the front. I did want to try this but since I am 30 and a Mommy I wanted to keep it casual. Maybe next time though!

STARFISH-BLACK-MINT-3TThis is the Sexy Starfish that is low cut in front

I am very happy that I got to try out this bra and I highly, highly recommend checking them out and maybe even taking the plunge and trying something.

In fact- Right now they are having their “Spring Sale” and you can get some bras for $32! as well as pants for $45 instead of their normal $55 price.

I really want to grab this top while it’s available on sale- it is $40 though… So I will have to check the budget.


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Definitely scoop up a bra while you can at that price! But for those of you who don’t have the extra money or just feel lucky we are hosting a giveaway!

Valleau Apparel will giveaway one bra of the winner’s choice! Great right? I wish I could enter and I’d get the radiant orchid one or the Sexy Starfish!

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