My #FabFItJourney Contest Entry—-Please Vote for Me—

by cstone412cs

As you all know I LOVE a good giveaway! I have been lucky enough to win an Ipad mini, a trampoline (Belicon Rebounder), a $250 DSW gift card just recently…. but I just still love to enter. It’s almost and addiction. I’ve won lots of other smaller prizes too!

I entered a contest recently from Fabletics called #FabFitJourney (which is a weird name because it makes me think of the FabFitFun box lol). I am in like 13th place but I need to make top ten to be eligible to win a prize. Basically, in the fine print, it says Fabletics will choose 3 winners from the top ten people with the most votes to win shopping sprees/money to Fabletics.

It stinks when you are so close that you feel like you could win but still are so far away.

Anyway, I am trying to rally for as many votes as I can so if  you are reading this feel free to click the link I will provide. The link will take you to Fabletics Facebook page where I have my picture and my ‘story’. I”m currently at 197 votes but I need like 244 to beat the person in the ten spot.

This was a daily vote thing but I didn’t enter until a little later than most people. The top lady has something like over 600! Craziness. And my friend Brandy told me that there are actual ‘voting’ exchange sites that people can join to get more votes. That stinks and I would love to do it but it’s basically cheating.

Here is the link that will bring you to my picture

Once  you get there you will  be asked to like Fabletics, unless you already do. Then when you hit vote it will ask you to post to your wall (all it posts to your wall is that you voted for me which you can later delete. I already tried hitting ‘not now’ or ‘dont’ allow’ and if you do that then it does not let you vote…. so please hit allow and then fix it later).

The voting closes Sunday June 1 at midnight. (which is later tonight).

This is the pic you will see when you click  my link——

Thanks so much for helping!Image