3 FabFitFun $15 Off Coupons & Late “Review” of Summer 2014 Box

by cstone412cs

I was super busy this summer and I totally didn’t blog as much as I should have. For Mother’s Day I had asked for the Summer FabFitFun box. Well I got it. But I never did the review…I currently do not have all of the products but I will run down the list and tell you how I liked them.



The first item that I want to mention is the Sonya Dakar flash facial (retail $95). OMG amazing-ness! It said to spread a thin layer all over your face but since I have a similar product I knew to keep away from eyebrows/hairy areas. This was one of the spoilers and the main reason I got the box. Who doesn’t want skin like Gwyneth Paltrow? Tip: if you do get this do NOT use all over face as suggested, only use in small areas or it takes forever to take off and kinda hurts!

I also got Pur~Lisse Pur~protect SPF 30 ($55)—- I literally have like 6 of these from all my different beauty boxes. I sold a few on ebay and gave some to my Mom. So I was happy to get one but I kinda wish it was something better. I have been using this in the summer as SPF and have been pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t make me breakout.

I also really enjoyed the Kisstixx lip balm ($5.99)—-these were fun to use with my daughter, unfortunately I never got to use them with my boyfriend. He probably wouldn’t of using with me anyways because he probably would’ve thought they were silly. Two different flavors came in one box (one sweet, one sour) and you and your partner are supposed to put it on your lips and then kiss to mix the flavors. I like the flavor separately and I like them mixed together. My daughter thought it was hilarious to put a flavor on her and then give mom a smooch to make a new flavor. An even bigger benefit of these lip balms is that they’re high in SPF so we used everyday at the pool.


My next favorite product was the Thursday Friday Away Mini clutch/makeup bag ($35). I was really hoping to get the feather print or the lips but I got the white purse print. (Actually I just saw a gorgeous one on blogofboxes) Mine still is cute, it just wasn’t my first choice. I actually have it up for swap or sale if you’re interested. I was surprised at how well made these were! 

image image

Front and Back

(this also came with a $30 coupon to use at Thursday Friday)

I also got a FabFitFun water infuser water bottle (which I gave away as a gift) ($15)- this had the FFF logo on it and is BPA free. You can add your favorite fruit flavors to your water. They suggested trying cucumber and mint or strawberry and lime for a super refreshing drink. I’m not too much into the whole fruit water. I like fruit2O but homemade fruit water doesn’t sound sweet enough for me.

Next is the Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil- which retails for $25. To be honest I haven’t tried this yet because I have super thin hair and I’m afraid that this is just going to make it greasy and weigh it down like other frizz serums. I also have this on my swap or sale board, if interested let me know. This has a blend of argan, jojoba, and tamanu oils to control flyaways and nourish hair. I am tempted to try it!


I also got a Zoya nail polish ($9) I can’t tell you the name of it at the moment but it’s a bright coral color. I have one other Zoya that I got from Ipsy that I love. This one, I just wasn’t a fan.

 So those were the “big” products worth describing. This season we actually got some extra, “sponsored” products. But hey, extra is fine with me!  I’ll briefly list the last items.

popchips- really good! (Not sponsored)

Skintimates Shave Gel (sponsored)- can always use this and I’d rather get it as an extra than have to go buy it!

Always Xtra Protection long daily liners (sponsored)- ehhhh…. I guess this is ok…didn’t try it yet.

Slimfast Have Your Cake….Meal Bar (sponsored)— I actually loved this! I had been wanting to try one. It didn’t do too much for appetite control but it made a great snack. If I was working and didn’t have time for breakfast or lunch, this would’ve came in super-handy! Tasted great too!


~That was the entire contents of my summer 2014 FabFitFun Box~

sorry no Unboxing pictures!

the coupon I have is for a summer box just like this one- 

the number is


I’m telling you that the Sonya Dakar alone is worth it! This box is normally $49 and you’ll get $15 off. I was informed the other day that there are still a few summer boxes left. So if you want it, hurry up because I’m sure they’re going quickly especially with the $15 off!

if you use my coupon please leave a comment that way I know how many are used or how many are left.

i will also provide my regular link for people that don’t want a summer box because the fall box should be out in mid October.