Diamond Candles Huge $30 Sale!

by cstone412cs

I have about 20 Diamond Candles and 3 have been real rings!

I just got an email saying that if you buy three candles from the summer collection that you can use a coupon code for $30 off!


I purchased sun washed, summertime, and tropical retreat. I wanted the kiwi splash one too! So after I put the 3 in my cart I entered my coupon code and it went from….$74.85 (free shipping since it’s over $45 which is something new since I last purchased. It used to be like $5-9 per candle!) after I used my $30 coupon it went down to $44.85!!!!! And I believe if you use my invitation link you get another 20% off!

http://my.cndl.es/x/1DTTig  (my link)

If it doesn’t give you the 20% off the sale then you will get it off a full priced candle for sure. But try doing it on the sale and let me know if it works.  I’m going to try to test it with a dummy-email to see if it works.

The coupon code that I got for the $30 is-


That’s my extra code I’m not sure if it’s a one time use or what, so first come first serve.

Have you gotten any diamond candles? Did you get real rings?

I really love a company that I found on Facebook/YouTube called Sweet Smells and Trinkets. They have all real rings that are at least sterling silver.