What’s been shaking? Me and my Runtastic Orbit that’s what!

by cstone412cs

Now that the really hot weather has passed I’ve been wanting to start walking every day again. And, in theory, that will lead to jogging, cardio, weight training, etc. I know what I should be doing- getting up and doing it is my problem!

It’s not like I’m totally overweight but I’m enough overweight to be uncomfortable in my own skin. I can’t use the excuse “I just had a baby” anymore because my “baby” is a 16 month old toddler now! I’m actually heavier now than when I had her in may of 2013!

About a month ago I started wanting a wireless activity tracker to see how much (or little) I do everyday. At first I wanted a Fitbit (real bad). Then I did some research online… The top 3 I wanted were- a fitbit flex, garmin vivofit, a jawbone up24… I love swimming laps in the summer so waterproof was a big thing for me so that narrowed down my search a lot. I then came across the misfit shine which was super cool looking and water proof but then I read bad things so forget it… I had also come across the Runtastic Orbit. This was waterproof, tracked calories, distance, sleep, etc. It also was one of the first companies to offer fitness apps. and that was basically what they started doing before they offered actual fitness products. I read a lot of great things about them.


So I got a Runtastic Orbit. I was happy because it came with 2 sturdy bands (black, and a pretty bright blue) plus another little clip that can go on your pants, belt, bra, etc. They sell extra bands in 2 different batches of  colors for $29.99. I wish they just sold them separately because I like only 1-2 of the colors of each batch and I, not going to pay $60 for all of them. The Orbit is actually a little square/rectangle piece of ‘plastic’ comparable to a USB stick and you stick that into the actual bands. When you want to charge it (which has been every 3-4 days for me so far) you take it out of your band at attach it to the USB charger that it came with. The charger seemed kinda scary because it has two little “dots” (pegs) that stick into the Orbit. I say scary because if anything bumps them or messes with them I’ll be out a charger (I’m just assuming this and have not had any issues. So it is probably fine.)


Here are some of the highlights from the Runtastic site:

~24 hour tracking: Tracks your activities, fitness & sleep cycles

~Versatile usability: Wear it on your wrist, belt or a more discreet location

~See your Steps & Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Duration & Cycles plus much more (ummm I only see duration I have nit yet figure out sleep cycles…)

~Set & reach personal goals, use vibration alarms & notifications & monitor your daily progress (I love the vibration alarms!)

~Integrates with the Runtastic Me app & your Runtastic GPS app for running, biking & othe r fitness activities

(they also have extra apps like push-ups, situps, nutrition quiz)

~Waterproof up to 300 feet (awesome)

~Also, it has an ambient light sensor which if they want to add apps at some point for adding sunscreen or something else, what I’m not sure.


(The box with info, 2 bands, 1 clip and the actual Orbit piece)

A LED display shows the time, your latest step count, calories burned, and total time active. It’s all pretty common stats among the popular wearables and digital pedometers. But connecting to Runtastic Pro will show you your average pace, average speed, and maximum speed during runs, hikes and bike rides. It’s a nice to be able to see those stats and could win over some people when choosing between the Orbit and flashy or fancier alternatives.

It’s been 5.5 days since I got it. I only remembered to sync with the apps at the end if the day 3 times. I also forgot to put it into sleep mode once. I’m still figuring a couple things out (like the sleep cycle thing that I read about). I also noticed that if I talk with my hands a lot, it thinks I’m jogging! Lol (which is not good because I pick the baby up a lot and I think it’s is messing with my stats)

Here’s a screenshot if the Runtastic Me app-


I was thinking of doing a few posts about my nutrition and fitness journey- maybe it will help some people (maybe it will bore some) … Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

This was just a little “quickie” post and I want to do a more structured overview of the Orbit and the 2 apps I’ve been using with it (Runtastic flagship app and Runtastic me, along with a post on the sit-ups, push-ups, nutrition quiz, pedometer, apps etc.) Let me know what you think or if you have an activity tracker and which one/what you think of it. (I’m kinda jealous of the fitbit still because I heard that you can track weight lost and stuff like that… but I could connect to the MyfitnessPal app and just do that there I think…).

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!