:My French Connection Cravings:

by cstone412cs

Have you guys ever heard of French Connection? I  hadn’t, until recently. Their stuff is so luxurious, classy and feminine.

I would love to get my hands on some of their pieces! Take a browse around their site—–tell me your not drooling!?!

If I was to get an outfit from them right now, I would get—

~For pants–

~Diamond Denim Leggings- $148.00


These are just basic black denim leggings but their structured look is gorgeous.The ankle zip detail really adds some spunk.


~Or I would get —-

~Killacroc Leggings — $128.00


These are black leather looking, ‘croc effect’ textured leggings… I really have been wanting some ‘leather’ leggings so these would be awesome to have….


~Pair these with—-

Winter Fluff Knitted Cardigan —$188.00


The very feminine, soft, light grey color is gorgeous. Pair it with the leather or the black leggins and it adds just the amount of edge to the feminine.


~Under the Cardigan I would need a shirt-

Atty Lace Top —$88.00


This is a gorgeous creamy white blouse with black lace detail on the shoulders (if I wanted to take the cardigan off to show off the top). It looks silky in the picture and the silky of this combined with the fluffy cardigan would be a great texture combination!


~OR pair the Cardi with a graphic tee-

Queenie Tee Top — $68.00


This is a white Tee with a black silhouette of a Queen with her crown. Graphic tees are one of my faves for casual wear.


And I would obviously need a jacket since it’s cold here in Massachusetts-

These jackets are To Die For-

“Soft to the touch and with a faux fur-lined hood, the Autumn Vhari Hooded Cardigan makes the perfect cosy cover-up for Autumn / Winter.”

This is a white wool blend jacket with a grey faux fur lined hood. Zip detail in the front to show off my top underneath, and clean lines. Comes to hip level.
But I really love this for more winter-y weather-

Freda Blizzard Hooded Parka — $398.00


“Be ready for whatever winter throws at you in our ultra-durable Freda Parka. A faux fur-trimmed hood adds a touch of luxe texture.”

This is a jet-black, GORGEOUS, grey fur trimmed (real fur! Sorry PETA), parka with lots of detail from shiny panels in the front to pockets…

Freda-Blizzard-Hooded-ParkaHow gorgeous is this parka?!?

I will  probably never know what it’s like to own something on this list though… not for a while anyway. I shouldn’t say never but just not til I finish school and get a ‘real’ job!

What would you get from French Connection?

What do you think of my choices?

Have a great rest of the week!

(all photos are from French Connection and are only used to help you get an idea of my outfit! Not my photos!)