Wantable Cyber Monday Box Deal- $18!!!!

by cstone412cs


First you can create an acct with my referral link and then to get the discount you must use the link the provided on their facebook page-

when you click it, it will say 50% coupon and then just sign into your acct after you click the coupon box.


Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that Wantable is having a cyber monday deal where if you start a subscription (or in my case, re-start as sub) they are giving it at 50% off which is making it $18!

The great thing about this is Wantable has a skip option so If you sign up and don’t want any after the $18 box just remember to go in an skip every  month around this time.


If you click that and fill out your info, once you get to the end where you enter payment info/see  your balance it should say ‘cyber monday coupon 50% and it will say $18 for a total.

IT ONLY WORKS FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS- I tried clicking one time purchase and it said to  use the coupon must be a subscription. (But like I said, that’s fine with me because I can go in and skip).

So check them out. I have had great luck with them. They have makeup, accessories, and intimates. They also have a fitness box now but it’s a little different (you have to pay a styling fee of $20 and they send you items and if you keep them they charge you for the items you keep). I have had awesome luck with all the boxes. I have to say accessories is my least favorite but that’s because I like real silver/gold.

That’s all for now.

If anyone knows anything about a HP Stream, let me know if I should get one. I saw a pink/purple one the other day and fell in love. I just want it for blogging, facebook. facebook games…. stuff I use my tablet for….

Also I will have a blog post up for the Kiss Instawave hopefully tomorrow so stay tuned! That thing is awesome!

What other cyber monday deals are you going for?

Popsugar is also offering a box at 50% off but I didn’t have enough money lol.