New~ Product Review~ Kiss Instawave~ I’m in Love~!

by cstone412cs

Hey guys-

Happy New Year!!

I haven’t posted since Dec. 9th. Just so crazy with 2 kiddos (plus one stepdaughter) and all the holiday madness that comes with all that.

So I wanted to finally post my review on the Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron! I received it from BrandBacker and Kiss to test but all opinions are my own, as always!

In short- I love it and my 8 (almost 9 year old) daughter love it!image image image image image

The first time I used it, I did not love it at all! I thought I was going to hate it, actually. It just took a little- ok more like a lot, of practice. To this day, I still think it is way easier to use on someone else rather than on myself.

I do HIGHLY recommend buying one if you have the means to! The retail price is $59.99 and you can buy it from the Kiss official website, Target, Ulta, or Amazon.

It gives great loose, perfect wavy curls. You know, like the ones that are so highly in style right now! And if you’re like me and can’t get it on the first try – It may take a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it is a remarkable tool that makes beautiful curls instantly! Plus, there are a TON of YouTube videos and how to demos out there.

When I first saw the product out of the box, I have to admit, I was kinda scared that it was going to tangle. The “spikey” things and the rotation did not seem like it would be a good idea.

But my hair, nor my daughter’s very long hair got tangled. It just created gorgeous, soft, waves and curls that lasted! I have never been able to get my daughter’s straight hair to curl or to keep a curl. Now I come across the Instawave and not only can I create a curl and keep a curl for hours and hours but it’s FUN and EASY to use! Me and my daughter made a girls night out of curling each other’s hair, making a YouTube video and taking lots of pictures of our hair and makeup.

Here are some fun facts about  product:

The KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic and tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls!

~It’s easy for anyone (even tweens, under supervision of course) to use, from any angle, with any hand.

~Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions

~Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes

~2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420

You must hold the InstaWave vertically by your head for it to work best or at all. Any other angle and it will not work correctly.

Simply place a section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod and then push the curl button either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair! (It’s pretty awesome, I must say!)

Hold for 5-10 seconds- hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves (I was holding it for at least 10-15 seconds in my daughter’s long and thick hair).

Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out- let hair set and cool.

You can switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls (I found this to be the best tip).

I give the product an A- but I still need more practice on myself and I have medium/short hair so it is kind and of hard for me. I still can’t get over how I’ve tried many curling irons on my daughter and finally found this one that gives her gorgeous curls that actually stay in for hours! Usually when I try to curl her hair they either fall out right away or won’t curl at all.

Here is my YouTube Video and Demonstration with my daughter-

So I’ll keep practicing! Will you be getting one or do you already have one?