Goals for 2015

by cstone412cs

Well, I know I am a little late for posting a ‘goals’ post for 2015 but I guess I get an A- for effort   ?

My goals are the same as most people (I’m assuming):

~eat better

~save more money

~workout more

~be a better parent (not that I’m a ‘bad’ parent but just spend more quality time type stuff)

~one goal (that is probably not on most people’s lists) is work on my blog more often….which should be easier now that I got a laptop for Christmas. (Although, I’m ready to throw the thing at the wall because my two week return period is up and of course with my luck it is starting to act up and give me problems).

Basically I used to be in like (almost) “superior” shape…. 8 years ago and two kids ago…. I used to workout almost everyday…. whether it was on the treadmill or elliptical, or lifting weights at my college gym. And if I couldn’t get to a gym I would go for a walk or jog for at least an hour or two.

Getting back to that type of shape is such a dream…. I’d love to buy a treadmill or something…. But money and space are both an issue.

My eating habits need to change first. I have such a bad sweet tooth and am a total chocoholic. Plus, the new job that I just started has me around candy all day everyday. I have horrible self control and my weakness is caramel creams….

When I am at home or on break at work I have started to eat pineapple when I want candy…. I legit could eat two whole *or at least one* pineapple a day…. sooo good…

Also, if I need a sweet but crunchy snack I like Cheerios with milk, cut up strawberries, and some Splenda on top.

And if I really need chocolate, I just found the best snack ever- and it’s pretty darn healthy and contains natural ingredients- Brookside and the crunchy clusters are the best ones! OMG! But they’re semi-expensive at $4 a bag… but if you portion it right it will last you 2-3 days…. But I could eat a whole bag, but usually I can control it.

For now, while the MA weather is crappy and cold, I have to do workout Dvd’s in the house and work out on my Bellicon rebounder *trampoline* which is so fun it shouldn’t be considered a workout. And I love that Barre dvd that we got in a FabFitFun box a while back…I hate cardio so barre is awesome!

Once spring comes I will be back out walking and jogging my butt off again…

And of course- I have been wearing my Runtastic Orbit to track all of my calories and distance and more.

What are some of your goals? And how have you been sticking to them?

P.S.—- I’ve been in talks with some cool companies. I’m trying to think of which one would be the best one to start the year off with a giveaway from…. I’ll try not to think about it too long!