Who Doesn’t LOVE Cute (and Affordable) Workout Clothes? Fabletics Review- 50% discount code

by cstone412cs

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a hella long time since I’ve blogged. I have been on IG daily…I am really bad at keeping a “blogging schedule” anyway, but I hadn’t been sick in years and then BAM- all of a sudden, me and the baby have been super sick- we were at doctor like 2x a week for the last month. I had an ear infection and my ear drum burst! She had a head cold, then a chest cold and needed nebulizer treatments again, then when it looked like she was getting better she got a tumy bug and got hives everywhere!

Anyway, I haven’t been working out much since the end of May, other than long walks with the kiddos, but I love cute workout clothes! I love workout clothes for home for an actual workout–But I Really love cute workout clothes for the neighbors (or whomever) to see me walking in lol. We live about a 15-20 minute walk from our town jungle gym & sprinkler park/splash pad so we walk there a lot …..

Some of the best and highest quality workout/athletic clothes, especially for price, are from Fabletics! I’ve ordered from them 3 times. The first time was about two years ago- I got a 3 piece outfit (sweatshirt, bra, Lima capri) for $25. The same fall I ordered another 3 piece outfit (jacket, bra, Lima capri) and I did it under a different email so I could get the new member discount of $25 again lol. I cancelled both monthly accounts after because I couldn’t afford the monthly price and was afraid I would forget to skip.

I continue to get their emails, which I highly recommend doing because about 3 weeks ago, I saw an AMAZING sale (that they rarely do.)   I got a 3 piece outfit for around $18!!!!!! (And included shipping)! I think instead of the normal 50% off (making outfits $25), the sale was like 70% off, making outfits around $17-18!!!

Seriously. How could I not take up that offer?


River of Grass Outfit

I got the cutest outfit! I got a black and white sports bra (with cups because I’m super flat and deflated from breastfeeding two kiddos lol  I’m only an A cup/small B). I also got a super soft black tank top that looks awesome over the black and white bra. The tank leaves just a little bit of room to see a little of the black/white bra but not so much that it looks trashy because I love modest clothing…..

And—–I finally got my hands on some camo leggings! I had wanted a pair of Fabletics’ camo leggings for like 6 months when they launched! (One thing that ‘stinks’ about Fabletics is if you don’t buy a popular item and it sells fast (like all their camo stuff sold fast) you’re most likely not going to get it …..so act fast if you see something that you like! But you can put your email on a restock list and supposedly the more people who want it restocked, the more likely it will come back….

All this for $18- Yes, Please!

All this for $18- Yes, Please!

^^^^^^here is a pic of the outfit that I got^^^^^^

You can see all the options that the shirt and leggings come in besides what I ordered. So many choices for the leggings!

You can see all the options that the shirt and leggings come in besides what I ordered. So many choices for the leggings!

I love Fabletics because all the leggings I have from them have been worn tons of times over the last 2.5 years- working out or doing errands after working out- and are still like new. My black pair with red lines are the oldest and most worn, but you’d never know! The only worn area is where upper/inner thighs rub but people really can’t see it, only I know it. I’ve also worn my Fabletics sports bras quite a bit and they are like I just bought them! My jacket has only been worn a handful of times because it’s tight and not my style but is still like new. And my teal sweatshirt is so soft and other than the stain that is from me, is still soft and amazing!  So for $25 – the outfits will last you at least 1-3 years, possibly more I just haven’t gotten there yet! That’s money well spent!

My ‘secret’ to keep lots of things like new is- I wash them (either by machine or hand) but DON’T dry them! I hang over shower curtain or lay flat to dry! Bras (sports or regular), workout pants, leggings (regular or workout)- I never dry because it messes with the elasticity and will wreck it eventually!

If you use the new member discount and get the outfits for $20-25 you really can’t beat that. I don’t really want to spend $50+ on their clothes (even though they are worth it!) but you can do the first time buyer discount, get your outfit, and then cancel or skip as many months as you want. Just remember to skip by the 5th of every month!  Their clothes are worth the $45-55 that they charge after your first month but I just can’t afford it.

Currently, they’re not having the super sale that I lucked out on getting but if you sign up now you can get your first outfit for $25 with free shipping and returns. Or sign up for emails and watch for the emails that say “save 70%” (they just had a 70% one day sale over this weekend that I missed!)



If you use my invite link/code it should be automatically set up for the $25  outfit (which is basically half off the full price of the outfit). And after you get 3 or 2 awesome pieces for way cheap, you can either keep your membership and just remember to skip by the 5th of every month or you can just cancel it (I beleive you have to call or live chat to cancel, although one time I did cancel via email but I don’t know if that’s changed).

I would just either create an account or sign up for emails and then maybe you will see an awesome sale pop up again soon. But I had never saw them do anything that cheap before that’s why I acted super fast!

They also just launched their first capsule collection called Fly- which I think is pretty ‘fly’! Haha…. FLY. Is designed to be a capsule collection of pieces you can wear for working out or going out. And since it is a capsule collection (for those who don’t know what that is. I didn’t until about 5 months ago) every piece could be worn with another and they all match …..

They also just launched a men’s collection, which could be a good Father’s Day goft for the active Dad in your life. I have been seeing some emails offering some pretty good sales on the men’s collections to promote it.

If you didn’t know, Fabletics is founded and created by Kate Hudson (who I love)….she does a really good job putting the outfits together. Fabletics has pictures on their site and Facebook and IG of her, and other super stars, wearing Fabletics clothes out in public and ‘in real life’.

Between the men’s launch and the Fly capsule collection launch it seems like they’re really branching out. They’re obviously doing well. But when you sell great quality stuff at great prices, you go places! Their customer service used to get a lot of complaints on the fb page but I have never had a issue. They’ve always let me fix my issues. My only complaint is they are hard to understand most of the time.

So check em out, if you haven’t yet! Obviously, I would love if you use my link so I could get $10 off another outfit lol.



*******update june 23 2015—- so just to amuse myself I clicked my own referral link and I see that this outfit is still available! If you’re interested- it’s toward the bottom of the page where it says “popular women’s” and it shows/scrolls a bunch of different outfits, one of which is the River of Grass! But it is $25. But that’s pretty great for a 3 piece outfit that I know will last a while!