Influenster and Sally Hansen #AirbrushPerfectLegs #Voxbox – awesome product- Review

by cstone412cs

I have been an “Influenster” for a while and I do like it a lot. I haven’t received a 5 piece box in a while, pretty much since they updated the site. I feel like they did away with those, for the most part. They’re more like Bzzagent now, where they’re sending one (maybe 2) products at a time.


About a month ago, I received the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Voxbox. I got a deluxe sample in light. At first, I was like “great, what on earth will I use this for”. I had never considered buying it before and don’t go to weddings (like ever), don’t go on dates (like ever) (and even if I did, hubs knows that my legs are pale lol).

Anyway, 5 weeks passed. No matter how much I tried tanning my legs, they just don’t tan like the rest of my body. My Irish skin basically goes from ghost pale to fair-light with a reddish tint…. Yay. And for some reason, even with tanning oil with no spf, legs just stay pale. So I finally decided to give this stuff a go. And what do ya know, I liked it, a lot!


I used a bit much on the first leg and it took A LOT of rubbing in and at first I was like OMG light is even too dark for me but once rubbed in, it looked Amazing. And it seemed to have some sort of moisturizing property to it. They are calling it makeup for your legs, because it is not self tanner. It washes off with soap and water yet is supposedly waterproof/water resistant (not sure how that works, didn’t get to test that theory yet). I basically think that it’s like a foundation with built in primer for your legs because it made my legs super soft and they felt and looked amazing after.

It was not “strong” enough or thick enough to help cover up a big black and blue that I had, but did help blend it in a little. But did cover my very minor blue area of varicose veins from my 2nd pregnancy (mine don’t stick out, they’re just blue and unsightly).

If I could have mixed fair and light to create a custom shade it may have looked better. However, The light wasn’t so bad about an hour after I applied it. I think I just put on wayyyy too much! I would definitely need fair in the Massachusetts winter. Stay away from dry areas like knees and tops of feet. And I would reccomend exfoliating before use. You don’t “have” to exfoliate but I found that it made the product work ten times better and look less streaky. No funky smell during or after. Stayed on for a full day, even after wearing tight pants for a while and it didn’t come off on the pants (or sheets). I didn’t bother washing it off and it lasted into the next day, granted it wasn’t as dark but still looked better than my regularly pale legs! I was hoping it would help cover up bruises more than it did, but mine were pretty dark.  So all in all I think it’s a great product that I would’ve never bought but now that I tried it, liked it a lot, I will definitely be buying it!

Here is my youtube review, it is ten minutes, and not too great. I am definitely not a “youtuber” and it’s hard re to film when it’s me holding the ipad mini myself.

(wow, 2 posts in one day! I am on a roll! I took the summer off to take care of the kids but I am back!)