Hello Everyone, Anyone? Miss blogging and you! #Giveaway Poll for Next #Prize-

by cstone412cs

Hey readers and friends! I still hope I have some readers out there – and if you may have left, I hope you come back! As most of you know, I took the summer ‘off’ from blogging to take care of 3 very active kids (13, 9, and 2 years old- all girls! Help me!)- I totally intended to come back in the fall at the start of the school year—- aaaaand then I never came back…..but remained pretty active on fb and IG. Good news is- I ended up growing my IG quite a big 🙂 If you’re not following me my handle is @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs

I have been wanting to come back- I have been wanting to blog. I just have been having some issues. Life just isn’t easy sometimes but I try to make the best of it. I like to try to stay positive but sometimes I feel like besides my wonderful little girls, there isn’t much to be positive about- I am in a big funk. Every had one of those?

There’s something that I have never really shared with my readers-but I will share now- (another blogger shared her struggle and I found it comforting to know that someone so beautiful and successful also has the same issues that I do)- So maybe by me admitting my issues, I hope to help someone get through their tough times. —- I struggle badly with anxiety- general anxiety and really bad social anxiety…..It’s actually really hard for me to work or sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house to go to the mall. I find people of any social status, money status- scary. Especially people that are ‘better than me’- I always feel like people are looking down on me and judging me.

Because of the issues with anxiety, sometimes I end up in a depressed state for weeks. Sometimes my body hurts from being depressed and not getting the endorphins that I need. That’s pretty much what I have been battling for months. And that is why I have not been blogging- I haven’t been inspired. I have been very down and unmotivated. The lack of sun and too much cold doesn’t help either- I definitely have Season Affective Disorder (SAD). Do you have that or have you heard of it? It is definitely a real thing. I have had it since I was a teen. We live in Massachusetts where after the clocks change in October, it is dark all the time. And cold for 6+months out of the year. If I could move, I would!

A bunch of stuff also happened where I was working- I lost my job – basically because the new store manager didn’t like me. Which really brought me down because I found out everyone in that place who I was so nice to and did nice stuff for, were all two faced and against me, etc. But I am obviously better off without people like that in my life.

–One key to happiness and a way to keep positive is to surround yourself with people who are positive and happy and actually care for you! And they are glad that you care for them.

I live in a small town and on the outskirts of another small town- where everyone self-medicates- a lot of them don’t work and the highlight of their life or day is to gossip. —-Do any of you live in towns like that? I had never lived anywhere so bad until I moved here.  I am shocked at how mean and cruel people can be. ——Isn’t the golden rule- do unto others as you want to be done to you? Does anyone even care about the rule anymore- I know some people do, I do-but not enough people do around these parts.


Well, anyway, I am back. I WANT to be back! But I hope I still have readers out there. If I have to- I will start at the beginning again. Those who are still out there- thank you and I truly appreciate you!

Please feel free to leave any type of comments- questions, tips, criticism (if you’d like), anything-

I was trying to get a few reader giveaways going with some really cool companies but since I haven’t written in so long they wanted to wait a little while. So I will still work at it. I have a great list of shops that I would love to introduce you to and would love to bring you giveaways from! So stay tuned, hopefully we can do something soon! (if not, to get the blog back up and people reading again, I may do my own giveaway- bought from me!


Let’s take a poll in the comments- comment with the number of the perfume you’d like to win- the most votes will be the giveaway prize-

If I did a perfume giveaway which one would you like to win-

1–Yves Saint Laurent- Opium -Women Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50ml/1.6 fl oz-worth about $77-100

2—Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue -(worth about $80+)

3—Gucci – Premiere- 1.6 fl oz- worth about $80+

4- I also have 2 Coach ones and a Juicy Couture (I believe the Original)

5- CRABTREE & EVELYN – CITRON Honey & Coriander – 4 PIECE GIFT SET W/ PINK PETAL NAIL POLISH- $26 (sold out, hard to find)



Please Vote, I know I may not get a lot of votes or comments but it’s a start- The first steps in getting something done is- Visualize it, work on it/start it, (try to) finish it, and be brave enough to post it. No one may respond but at least you are getting back out there! And starting somewhere is better than not starting at all, right?

one last note is I have been sharing fashion, beauty, mama, and techie giveaways to the Budget Beauty Facebook page- so check that out-

the link is http://www.facebook.com/BudgetBeauty

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