My new box purchases and Blush SPOILER. (Don’t look about halfway down if u want to be surprized)

by cstone412cs

CONGRATS to Kelsey P. who is the winner of the Julep 2 polish Giveaway!

What should I do for my next giveaway? I wanted to start it ASAP but I want ideas from you guys! I have Michael Marcus polish, Julep polish, Be a Bombshell Blush, and some body washes etc…. Give me some Ideas!

So I just started Little Black Bag but for some reason my VIP status didn’t go thru… They are supposed to be fixing it. Got an awesome purse coming my way 🙂

Also signed up for Blush box. I knew I would be getting a highlighting pencil and a Butter London polish but now I know what else is in the box—–

**** SPOILER**** Don’t read if you want to be surprised- I just saw a spoiler and there is a bunch of awesome stuff in it! including Mirabella mineral highlighting powder,  Myface lip gloss, Theraplex exfoliating emollient, Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi anti-aging moisturizer, Talika lash enhancer, and Miracle Skin transformer Face . Everyone got a highlighting pencil with purchase. Image
Julep also just released their new Mystery boxes. I want to get one but after the last fiasco, I’m not sure. I wanted to get the forty dollar one but my coupon code isn’t working… 😦 So I either won’t get it or I will by the cheaper ones. I’m not good at making nail art so the decals that it comes with would be cute.

So now I get-
FabFitFun, Julep, Wantable (which this one will be my second and last one for a while til I get more money), Glossybox, Blush, and little black bag (which this one will prob be my only one for a while.
I saw People Magazine is going to be starting a box as well… I saw the first box and I wont be doing that one because it didn’t look too great.


There’s also another new box called My MuseBox that is $29 and it’s bi-monthly. I was thinking of doing the 2box deal/4months but I am going to research it more. I have a 10% off coupon code listed on my facebook for those who are interested.