Nike Air Relentless 3 Review

by cstone412cs

Nike Air Relentless3 from Dick's Sporting Goods

Nike Air Relentless3 from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Overall Grade- D

Price- $59.99

Relentless is right- Relentless Pain!

Overall feeling- BIG Disappointed! Very sad!

If you’ve been reading or on Facebook you know that I am on a diet and have been exercising. I had old sneakers that were an emergency buy from Walmart. I couldn’t thnk of anything else that I wanted for my recent bday so I wanted a nice looking and functional shoe. I though a sweet looking pair of Nikes or similar brand would be awesome. I wanted them for walking around the track, park or neighborhood and I wanted to look cute doing it. I also needed the same pair to be able to be worn after exercising to run errands and stuff.

I saw these black ones with all my favorite colors included. Obviously I had to have them!

I loved the color scheme because they’d basically match everything and they’re adorable!

Being cute is pretty much all they’re good for!

After wearing them for about 20 minutes or less the first time, and second, I got sharp pains in the ball of my foot and my toes went numb and felt like a cramping sensation. They felt nice around the middle of my foot. But the tip of my foot, from the ball to toes was in awful pain even for a while after taking off!

If you’re thinking to buy them just for style and not a lot of walking, go for it. But if you’re buying for exercise or walking or anything like that- I don’t recommend.
Also, black part (not the mesh, the hard black stuff like the ‘suede’ type feel) got dirty/sandy looking very easily, it cleaned ok with a wet paper towel though. The blue part also got dirty but didn’t clean well.
I’m so sad because I saw these and had to have them. They were my bday gift to myself. We are a one paycheck household (as you know is the point of this blog) so I can’t see keeping them just for fashion and buying another pair for my exercising. (I’d love to but it’s not going to happen!)
I’m hoping to try to return them since worn twice and switch for another cute but functional pair. I doubt I will find one as nice looking as these! So sad!