Rafflecopter for Get Fresh Dry Body Oil Giveaway


I wanted to give it a new post so my email followers would know that the Rafflecopter is up.

I will post it here and it has been added at the bottom of the original post (the post under this one).

The giveaway is for one Get Fresh dry body oil in the scent of your choice. For the scents you can go to their website and look under products then body oil.

I highly recommend them! I know we are overloaded with bath and body products from The Body Shop or Bath & Body Works. This company isn’t even on that level- they’re way better quality and the smell is intoxicating. The ingredients are good and the prices are also pretty great!

The code BUDGET  will get you a 20% off discount site wide.

I’m dying to try the Look Better Naked set! It has a mask that detoxifies, body scrub, and body cream. I read a lot of other blogger reviews as well as reviews on their site and they all rave about the products!

I got to try the bath salt soak, hand cremes, rich body creme, and body oil and I was highly impressed.

Also, a portion of the proceeds from the warrior princess line go to helping men and women from the military with visible and invisible wounds of war! Awesome! If you’re looking for a new pedicure set (minus the polish) they have an awesome looking set. Use your discount and it’s at an even better price!

I could go on and on about them but I’ll spare you!

Heres the Rafflecopter form-

Good Luck-
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Get Fresh Bath, Body and Spa Products- Review and Giveaway and Discount!

On the days where I feel like I have been pulled in every direction and I just need to relax a nice smelling bath is just what I need. I recently go to try a few products from a company called Get Fresh. They smell amazing and the products don’t have harsh chemicals.

“Combining natural botanicals with the power of advanced body care technology, Get Fresh Spa offers a complete line of luxurious and aromatic spa-strength body products that target dry and aging skin. Our Spa products are formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes, or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates.”


They are donating a some money from the sales of products in their Warrior Princess line that goes toward helping men and woman from the US Military that sustained injuries whether physical or physcological. The Warrior Princess line smells like Blackberry Vanilla. Out of all the scents I got to try it was by far my favorite! The minerals in the soak supposedly pull out impurities from the body’s surface- sounds cool but I wonder if it really does! I felt soft after. That’s all I know!


I also got to try the Grapefruit and Black Currant Hand Cremes and they left my hands feeling super moisturized. I even gave one to my Fiance to take to work because his hands are always dried out dealing with the cardboard boxes. His hands are a lot better than they were!

The product/products that I am dying to try from them is the Look Better Naked kit that contains body scrub, body mask and body creme. I already got to try the body creme and loved it so I really want to try the scrub and the mask! The mask also supposedly pulls out toxins and impurities so that intrigues me! I love sugar scrubs/body scrubs so I am dying to try theirs!


A couple months ago I tried a dry body oil for the first time. I really didn’t think I was going to like it because I hate feeling oily. Honestly, I used it once and forgot about it! I decided to try the body oil from Get Fresh since summer is coming and it’s nice to use after a day of tanning. I got the Starfruit Dry Oil Body Spray. It absorbed right away and didn’t leave me feeling oil or sticky! I liked the Starfruit scent a lot although it was more on the light scent side. So if you want a lighter scent than go for that one. (The giveaway will be for one of these body oils but in the scent of your choosing!) The Starfruit scent reminded me of fruit salad or a melon-y scent. Get Fresh describes it as “playful, lively, delightful”.


I also got to try the Black Currant Rich Body Creme which I loved! If you don’t know what Black Currant smells like it’s like a combo of plum with a little grape that is how I describe it anyway! Get Fresh describes Black Currant as “exotic, sensual, and enticing” which it definitely is. I fell in love with the scent of black currant back when I worked at Pier 1 Imports. It was the best candle ever so I had to see what this lotion smelled like! The body creme was really moisturizing! And it wasn’t sticky or oily. I used it on my legs, knees, and elbows and it took care of the dry Massachusetts skin! It came with a cap and a pump.

If you’re dying to check out their stuff the website is




Get Fresh is offering my readers a 20% off discount side wide! Code BUDGET

If you’re interested in trying the dry body oil leave a comment here with what scent you’d like to try and fill out the Rafflecopter form.
Good luck!

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Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream Review- Facebook Blogger Group Info- Etc.


I feel like I am the last of MANY to write my review! So if you have read a bunch and want to skip it go right ahead! But before you start skipping- I just want to say sorry I have been MIA for the last week! My 10 month old has serious issues! We childproofed but she still manages to get into anything and everything she shouldn’t! I should be back at the beginning of next week with a great review on Spa products and a giveaway!

Onto the Studio Gear review-

I got to try Studio Gear’s Hydrating CC Cream in Natural thanks to BrandBacker and Studio Gear Cosmetics! I do wish that I had gotten Linen because the color was a little off for my fair skin.  I will probably wear it more with summer coming. I will use it for the SPF 20 and once I get some color it probably won’t be off in color.

I have two slight complaints with this CC cream BUT keep in mind that I have seriously BITCHY skin! If you’ve been a reader of mine for a little while, you know pretty much anything new makes me break out! I rarely wear foundations, sunscreen or moisturizer, etc. because I just break out from it. So if you’re not one to break out easily you should be fine! My first ‘complaint’ is the CC cream made my skin, as with any face products, break out in little bumps on my chin and forehead. It starts the day after I use the product and it starts with little bumps that I can feel and then see. Then if I continue using the product they turn to whiteheads or blackheads and then full fledged pimples. I hate pimples so I usually just stop using whatever product made me start! The second ‘complaint’ I have is that I don’t really need moisturizer… and this is a ‘hydrating’ product but it made my skin feel greasy or sticky- very unnatural feeling. With the greasy feeling came a nice ‘glow’ look though!

Since I do breakout so easily I can’t say that I have tried many CC creams. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd. I do like it though! I like it enough to wear it once a week! Sometimes I wear it alone with just lip gloss or sometimes I put on my It Cosmetics powder over some areas and then do a full face of makeup. If you follow me on Instagram my cat eye pictures and a few others were taken wearing this product. (If you want to look for me on Instagram my username is Cstone412cs but there should be a follow link allllll the way at the bottom of my blog.)

The Hydrating CC Cream is said to transform and enhance your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.

Key Benefits:

-Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients

-Restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention

-Brightens and illuminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application.

-Offered in 3 colors- Linen, Natural, and Wheat.

I kinda disagree that it’s a light, non-oily formula. It’s definitely a heavier feel at least on my skin. And I’m not sure how it ‘treats’ blemishes but my blemishes (zits?) get worse. But I do use it once a week so I must like it enough! Basically it’s not the ‘best’ but it’s good enough for now or until something better comes. That’s how I feel about it to be honest!

Also- If you’re interested in trying Studio Gear here is a discount code for my readers:

Reader Discount: 10% Off
Reader Discount Code: bloggercc


Did you try it? If you’re in my blogging group on Facebook I have probably read your review!

If you’re a blogger who would like to join a group on Facebook of wonderfully nice and talented bloggers (mostly if not all ladies) I will leave the link. You may have to ask to be added but just say Budget Beauty sent you and you should be all set!


You don’t have to be a beauty or fashion blogger (or at least you didn’t used to have to. just be a nice blogger!)

I’m so tired! If I sound LoOPy I apologize! Baby hasn’t slept in like a week! She sleeps maybe from 4am til 6am beside that 2-3 hours she is up which means I am up every hour all night.

Take care all!

My 30th Bday is Saturday! If I don’t post before then have a great weekend! I can’t believe I’m 3-0! Ick.


NeoCell Giveaway Entry Form

photo(17)Beauty Builder


Here is the Rafflecopter link for those who want to enter my giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is for your choice of either the Serum that I reviewed or the Beauty Builder Collagen Supplement that I reviewed. Both are awesome!

Here’s link right to the review:


It is also up on my Fb page on the giveaway tab for easier access.


The Joys of Influenster- #JadoreVoxbox and More


A few weeks ago I got my 2nd Influenster Voxbox. The first one ingot was around October called the violet voxbox. This one was called the J’adore voxbox and was Amazing! I liked the first one but this one was seriously picked just for me! It was the best valentine I got!

The box contained in order of awesomeness: Hershey’s Kisses family bag, John Frieda 3 day straight, Boots Botanics Clay Mask, and Kiss Lashes. I loved the whole box. I blogged separately about the lashes and the mask. I did enjoy the mask even though it made me break out on my chin. I haven’t gotten to use it again but I am going to try. I break out in that spot a lot anyway But this breakout was deep and hurt badly.

The Hershey’s was my favorite because I’m a piggy and who can’t resist those kisses? I even ate pretty much the whole bag by myself in like two to three days tops! Whoops!

The John Frieda was awesome but I have yet to use it on myself, yes, I did use it but it wasn’t on my hair. I am a Mommy to a VERY active 10 month old that was crawling at five months and is almost walking now. So it’s sometimes hard for me to even shower nevermind blow out my hair! I don’t get much help from the Hubs because he is the one who works and it’s an odd shift…. Back the the product info-  It’s actually a spray and worked pretty well. It’s going to be great for my hair because it didn’t seem too thick. I have super fine curly/wavy hair. most straighter gels are too sticky and thick for me but not this one.

Other Influensters had gotten a Vaseline spray lotion for men. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I had really wanted that for my Hubs and even for me to try. Oh well, better luck next time!

I have completed all but 2 tasks for the badges that go with the box. And I have even completed all the secondary brand badges! I got an email saying that I will be getting a special kit from Kiss with lashes and I think polish And eyelash glue.

Speaking of prizes… I got my mail today and holy cow was I surprised! There was a bright pink Influenster box and it was big. Too big to be my Kiss prize I thought.

It was a Sally Hansen salon gel polish kit with led light,it also came with three extra polishes- Xtreme wear in teal, Insta-dry in a reddish pink, and a salon manicure in hot pink. Plus, a salon effects polish strips in French manicure. Plus, an extra color for the led kit!that color is grieve and looks awesome! The question is why the heck did I get it? I had gotten a Sally Hansen quick dry polish in the Violet Voxbox so I must’ve won a top bade holder prizes! But I never got any notifications… Oh well! I’m psyched! I wanted to try this type of kit for a while but didn’t have the money to do it. So thanks Influenster!!

photo(21)My new Sally Hansen Kit and extras!

I’m in the top like 10% for finishing my badges so hopefully my next box will be soon! I’ll keep you updated with any prizes that I get.

Are you an Influenster? I have two invites left. I love it. I see so many people complain that they don’t get a box and blah blah. But you do have to work for it usually. Do the reviews. Connect your social media. Then you will probably get chosen if you stay active.

Have a great weekend! And the Giveaway for the NeoCell should be up tonight but hopefully at least by the morning/tomorrow early afternoon! It will be up by Saturday night!


Beauty Starts From The Inside Out- Neocell Review

Image~NeoCell Beauty Builder, $20 at GNC~

I had seen a couple bloggers blog about NeoCell. NeoCell makes collagen supplements. Collagen supplements help with everything from loss of elasticity in the skin (fine lines, wrinkles), to thinning hair to nail growth. Basically as we age, our body doesn’t make enough collagen. So take some supplements from NeoCell and you should be all set. Right? That’s what I wanted to know.

I am going to be thirty this year… Yah. Actually, I’m going to be the big 3-0 next month. BOO. I’m also a smoker. Another BOo. I also used to worship the sun and tanning beds like they were going out of style and grew up on a lake in the sun daily. I have had a wrinkle on my forehead since my early twenties. It started as a fine line, obviously, and now is a full fledged wrinkle. And it brought it’s friends. Not only do I have fine lines but I have thinning hair. Oh the joys. My nails actually weren’t a problem until I accidentally used acetone nail polish remover but they are getting better slowly. Another joy of getting older is the pain in my knees and ankles and pretty much everywhere from my hips down.  So I wanted to try NeoCell as a last resort before I start saving for Botox and knee replacement (just kidding about the second one, for now).
I have been taking the pills for four days. I am not sure if it’s a ‘placebo effect’ but after the 2nd day of taking it the pain in my legs was half as bad and almost gone at some points. Am I crazy or is this for real?  It didn’t say anything about bones and pain on the Beauty Builder box. I had a momentary brain lapse and I looked it up- collagen and cartilage. Not only are collagen pills used for fine lines and wrinkles but now they think that they can actually help with arthritis!

(Source- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-191224/How-collagen-pill-beat-arthritis.html)

photo(16)The pills weren’t too big but big enough to take one at a time.

   NeoCell sent me the Collagen Beauty Builder and Hydra and H.A. Serum for review. If you check their site they sell sports recovery supplements, collagen plus C supplements, as well as Hyaluronic Acid supplements and more.  All of them contain a good amount of collagen to help with a good amount of issues. If you’re interested in their story or product line up:


  I can’t say that the beauty builder is working on my wrinkles, yet, but it definitely did something to my pain.  The only ‘bad’ thing that I’ve noticed about the Beauty Builder is that it’s 3 pills twice a day and they’re fairly large. I actually don’t mind taking pills but for those of you who do, it may be a problem. But they have chews for you guys! I heard they taste ok but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try those when I run out of the pills. Out of the 4 days I’ve been taking the pills, two of the days I forgot to take them the 2nd time. Other than them being a little large and remembering to take them, I have had no issues.


NeoCell Advance Hydra and H.A. Serum, $25-33 online

Like I had said, they also sent me a serum. I just learned about H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid) the other day. It’s key for moisture and cell turnover. Also, as we age our body seems to not have as much (like collagen). The first night I used it, right away, I felt such a difference! I’ve been using a new Konjac sponge and I am in love with that *that’s another post, but now I was ‘wowed’. It felt so soft. It was a lightweight feeling serum, not sticky and not greasy. It also absorbed fairly fast and after it left my skin baby soft. It also seemed to work pretty well on the wrinkles right away. Now was it going to make me break out was the issue. I have also used this for 4 nights now. I have not broken out! I’m amazed. My wrinkles aren’t gone but they do look a good amount better.


photo(19)Here is what the serum looks like….

photo(20)The NeoCell Serum absorbs very quickly and makes skin baby smooth. I don’t know if you can see the difference… I can see it on my forehead not sure about my hand.

I will do a follow up post in about thirty days. The Beauty Builder comes with 150 tablets at three pills, three times a day, that’s a little under a month. It’s like 25 days. I’ll check back in then and let you know how things are going. But my first impression is- A+ I’m amazed! And I really mean it, not just because it’s a sponsored review.

Kiss Lashes and Me

i got some nice falsies in my Jadore Voxvox from Influenster. I love the way fake lashes look! BUT I suck at putting them on! I can always get one on real good then the 2nd one ends up crooked or just messed up in some way. And I always have an issue with the question of do I put makeup on before, after or before then touch up after.

How about I tell you how I do it and you can tell me where I’m going wrong or if I’m being too picky.

I also really stink at gel or marker type eyeliners… So it’s no surprise that I don’t usually wear it. But sometimes when wearing falsies, gel eyeliner is best. I start with either a line of gel eyeliner or pencil. I do usually trim the lashes to fit my eye length as well. I also learned in hair school/beauty school that it’s usually beneficial to apply the glue to the lash and then wait til the glue becomes tacky.

now here’s where I have issues…

I wait til the lash becomes tacky. Then I put it up to my eye and try to put it on right near my natural lash line working from the outer corner to the inner corner. Sometimes it comes out great in one or two shots. Sometimes it comes out crooked, no matter how hard I try. Then my problem is getting the glue off and reapplying etc. It doesn’t sound too problematic but it is.

thats pretty much all I do. THEN if I have to, I fix my eyeliner and finish my makeup.

So how do you apply your fake lashes? Do you ever have issues?

Mirenesse VIP Membership and Box Info


It was in a padded envelop and then a plastic bag like this.

  In January I had posted about Mirenesse having an awesome sale and they also had a ‘free’ trial for their VIP membership. I paid $1 and it was for 30 days of the membership. I did it because I wanted the free shipping and the huge discounts on the products on the site. And it was $1… so why not.

So I apparently forgot to cancel the darn thing… which I didn’t even realize I had to do and my credit card ended up getting charged the equivalent to Australian $25 (it was like $23.50 ish). I was pissed because I am so broke right now and really do NOT need more makeup! So I wrote to them saying I had no idea the $1 would lead to the charge and please stop it etc. They refused. I was not happy.

The only reason I guess this worked out in some small way was because when you are a VIP, every other month they send out a VIP ‘box’ with new makeup in it and it’s value at $150. I was not as mad anymore because now I can show you what they give. Also, you don’t lose your money it goes into your account.

The only downside to it is instead of just being about to use it toward anything you have to use it that month and you have to use it on a purchase of $60 or more! That’s kind of bad for me because I don’t have another $45 to spend just to get my $23 back!

They also have Monthly boxes that you can order that are $25.99 Australian. You can pick your box for skin care, makeup, or mixed.

photo(14)The items were packed separately like this.

What I got:

(All prices in Australian currency)

Glossy Kiss- Perfect Kiss- $26.96/$21.56/on sale for $11 currently

Touch on Concealer- Golden Cream-$26.55/$12.24

BB Pore Powder- $35/$28

Cheeky Blush- 2. Russian Rose- $26.96/$21.57

I got $115.97 for a total and that’s not on sale.

They told me it was going to be worth up to $160… and after I count the sale prices it goes down even more.


I am actually really happy with the products I got- everything but the color of lipstick. If I get one more RED lip crayon I’m going to scream!!! I do not look good in red or certain pinks… why do I keep getting the wrong colors! AUGH.

On a happier note- the BB pore perfecting powder I wanted to buy anyway but couldn’t because I was broke and I got it in this so I was happy. However there was another powder that I wanted to try more but now if I get extra money I can just buy that one. The one I got is Studio Magic BB Pore Powder 5.5g- it’s on their site for $35/$28 for VIPs (keep in mind I am listing Australian money, ours is less money). The one I wanted a little more was the Studio Magic Face Blur Powder 5.5g- which is said to leave skin looking airbrushed. I really can’t tell a difference between the two on the site… They both kind of do the same thing but the one I got also gets rid of redness and seals makeup.

I also got blush and a SWEET concealer! Again, I wanted to try the concealer and was ‘this close’ to buying it when it went dirt cheap on sale but hesitated. Again, I”m glad I did. I tried the concealer and liked it a lot. I had some killer dark circles today and it really lightened them up! I don’t think it’s the exact right color for me but it still worked well and it’s close enough.

What do you think? I’m glad but not at the same time. I am glad I got to share it with you…

Update- 40% Off Discount for My Readers!!!

If any of you are interested in buying anything from Nouveau/Organica I have a 40% discount code for ALL orders until next Wednesday 3/12) with code “BUDGETBEAUTYFEB” at checkout (there’s a box on the checkout page to type in the code)Image

If you want to try one of the palettes now is the time!!! First get it while this one is still available and before the next one hits. And to get it at 40% off is AMAZING!

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Review #PowerOfPlants



So I got my 2nd Influenster voxbox, the J’adore voxbox. One of the items inside was the Boots Botanics ionic clay mask. i love trying new masks so I was excited to try it!  I was wondering if this Boots was the same Boots as Boots no.7… I still haven’t found the answer. I’m pretty sure it is though because I saw the no.7 on the Influenster site. Anyway…

I should be getting a 20% off discount code to share with you very soon. I will add here and post to Facebook when I do.

I usually do masks on Saturday nights and I do them with my 8 year old as a “Mommy/Daughter” thing. She loves masks as much as I do.

This mask says it actively removes impurities and deeply cleanses. I liked the sound of that because lately my pores have been having some clogging issues and my chin and t-zone look not so great

It also says that oceanic minerals help draw out deep-rooted impurities and oil without over drying. Again, just what I need. My skin isn’t really oily but the makeup I wear has a tendency to clog my pores.

This mask made our skin so soft! I couldn’t really tell if it unblocked my pores. They did look better but not to ally clear.

I have skin that tends to break out especially when trying new makeup or products even cleansers! The sides of my chin and in between my eyebrows are the worst spots. I have had good luck with products that have salisylic acid. (I even tried Proactiv but that has benzoyl peroxide and my skin doesn’t do well with that, I have learned.) This mask has willowbark extract which they said is a natural source of salisylic acid so I wasn’t scared that I would break out. But I did! About a day later I started getting two painful pimples right under my lip on my chin! Augh! And the more the day went on they got bigger, depper and more painful. I wasn’t sure if it was from the mask or because the mask drew out the dirt and actually unclogged my pores…if any of you think you know the answer please let me know!

So besides the two pimples I had no issues with this mask. It was very “clay” like and I think I used a little too much! It felt really cool when it stiffened up on my face! If I had used a little less it probably would’ve friend a little quicker and came off easier.

Directions on the package: Apply to cleansed skin. Smooth a generous layer of mask over the face and neck avoiding eyes. Leave for 10 minutes. Wipe away excess with tissues  and rinse with warm water. Use weekly.

What I suggest: wash your face, smooth mask over your face starting with your T-zone either forehead or chin first. Don’t use too much! Also, if you’re going to put some on your neck area make sure you can lay your head back until it dries or it will smudge and feel awkward. Then leave for over the 10 minutes, more like 20. Then really wet a facecloth with warm water and start wiping off in just a few swipes. I fold the facecloth in half and in half again so I can use a new, clean side every time. Then, just to make sure you rinsed well enough either take another cloth or fill cupped hands with water and rinse one more time. i had to do it a couple times because I could still feel a clay residue or something.

I probably will use it one more time just to see what happens. I’ll be sure to update you when I do! I did really like how soft it made my skin but I really disliked how it made me break out. Other than that it really wasn’t that extraordinary. I kind of liked the red clay mask that I got in my last voxbox from Montagne Jeneusse (however you spell it).

Do you think I reacted to the mask? Or do you think it was actually clearing out my pores and that’s why I got the zits? I don’t know enough about skin and pores to know so I’d appreciate your feedback!

(Disclaimer:  I received one or more products from Influenster for free in exchange for my honest opinion.)